How to find things on the Deep web?

We all are aware of the fact that the Deep web has a lot of things which we can explore. You can find important government files on the Deep web, you can even book any hackers/Hitmen/thieves from the Deep web and if you are lucky then you can find sources to some rare places too on the Deep web. For example: – Red Rooms etc.

As we all know that Deep quiet is quite complex if compared to the surface web, which we browse in our daily life. It is not possible to visit deep web sites just by searching for them on the Deep web. 

Deep web

For accessing Deep web sites, you must have the proper permission or the link to that website. The link is the only way to visit any website on the Deep web because the websites which are seen in the search results, are not good.

You might be wondering that from where you will get these links to access different websites on the Deep web.

Well, it you were thinking for the answer to this question then you are the right place. As Today, we will be looking for some of the sources by which you can find the proper links to access Deep web sites. Let’s quickly get started with our list.

How to find things on the Deep web?

Well, there are a lot of sources by which you can get the links to Access Deep web sites easily without any hassle. We will be covering the main things which people prefer for getting the links to access Deep web.

Hidden Wiki

This is the simplest thing which Deep web users use to get the links which can be used to browse different types of sites on the Deep web.

Just by typing Hidden wiki into the Duckduckgo search engine under Tor browser, you will be transferred to this Hidden wiki where you will find a lot of links to Deep web sites.

Hidden Wiki is widely used by beginners because it does not require any good knowledge about Deep web. The major problem that you case whole using Hidden wiki is that 50% of the links mentioned there do not work.

You should definitely start your Deep web journey by using the links which are already on Hidden wiKi but if you are ready a professional then the next method mentioned in the list will help you.


Yes, you might have seen many stories on the forums like Quora etc. Sometimes, links are also present in these articles and believe me that it is the best way to find unique and working links.

Many people read scary and horrible Deep web related articles on Quora just to know about the link so that they can also visit that link.

After finding any link from any of the Topics mentioned above, you will be able to find anything that you want on the Deep web. It is highly recommend to visit Deep web only after doing proper research about it.

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