How to Establish and Grow Your Own Blog

Blogging on the Internet is big. Blogs are often useful websites offering readers quality information on a variety of topics. However, not all blogs started will become successful online ventures. We will provide you with some useful hints and tips on starting and growing your first blog.

So, your blog is up and running on the Internet and one of the funkiest blogs available. As with any website, you cannot expect to receive large amounts of traffic from the first day.

requirements for blog

Driving traffic to your blog takes time, but there are a few requirements for your blog to become successful.


In order for a blog to succeed, you need to focus on content you are familiar with. Your content should be unique and interesting to your users. A blog with duplicated content only spells trouble.

Usually these blogs will be excluded from search engine results on Google and users will despise visiting these blogs as the same information is floating all over the Internet.

Research articles

Before publishing an article on your blog, ensure that you have invested a proper amount of time into conducting research. Always ensure that you address issues from both sides of a story. Remain objective in your writing.

Choosing sides in blog posts may not always be a good thing in the long run. As far as possible, attempt to keep the article, as well as the title as interesting as possible for readers.

Have consistency

Consistency is an effective SEO technique. In order for your blog to grow in traffic and content, you need to keep writing and posting. The more your blog grows in content, the more your traffic will start increasing. The moment your traffic starts increasing to large numbers, it will be required from you to increase the quality of your content.

Good design

A well-written article is good, but dressing it with images that explain the content is even better. Images will often play a big role when it comes to visitors remembering your website and returning to it.

Images are also another great source for generating traffic, especially when your images get indexed in sources such as Google Images. To really add value, use your own photographs you have taken, or find great stock photography ideas that suit your blog content.


A blog with thousands of comments is often an indication of the popularity of such a blog. These blogs will also play a huge role in getting visitors to sign up and take part in conversations and commenting on stories.

A blog with no comments is sometimes not a good sign. We highly recommend that you disable comments when starting up your blog. Keep them disabled until you receive a fair amount of traffic. By that time, users frequently making use of your blog will be dying to comment on stories posted.

Market your blog

A good way of marketing your blog is to sign up with forums related to your blogs’ content. Where possible, add links to your blog in forum signatures and post actively in these forums.

Another good way of getting your blog known out there is to visit other related blogs and comment on stories there. Be very careful when doing this, as too many comments may eventually end up by these blog owners in classifying your comments as spam.

Always make sure to make use of blog directories. Take the time and submit your blog to as many of these sources as possible. This often helps your blog to be ranked and found on search engines.


Search engines such as Google are continuously analyzing websites for outgoing links. When writing and posting articles, be sure to link to quality reference sources related to the article. Search engines love these practices.

However, be careful not to add too many links and over-link your content. This may lead to your website being penalized. Also important to note, is that you should always give credit to references you make use of in your articles.

Embrace using tags

Many blog owners do not make use of tags inside posts. This is a major overlook which could cost them dearly. Search engine frequently index tags on blogs and this could well mean a lot of additional traffic to your blog from these sources. Always ensure to tag your posts with precise and relevant tags.

Get your readers to join in

No matter how good your blog is, you need to focus your attention on getting readers participating actively on your blog. Make use of giveaways or competitions in getting users to contribute ideas, comments, suggestions or even stories.

Spread your content

We recommend that you sign up a Twitter and Facebook account for your blog. If interested, you can sign up with other social communities as well. Once a blog post is made, the post can be shared on these communities.

You will find a number of tools that could assist you in posting your blog content automatically to these communities.

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