How to do Keywords Research for Indian Website

Keywords Research

For last couple of months I have been working to develop two websites for Indian market. One is in the financial sector and the other is in the real estate classified sector. And both of them are intended for local Indian market.

The one, in the real estate classified sector had been live for quite a few years. We knew the potential of this service but as we are mainly a SEO and Web Development Company, we could not manage enough time to concentrate on that.

But now when we are fully into it, we are facing some basic problems.

We do not have any keyword research tool for Indian market

 This is a big problem not for Indian market alone. We do not have enough data for a lot of countries. What can you do if you do not have proper set of keywords! It seems like we are working in some prehistoric era where we need to depend on stars to navigate through the sea ? and the mapping process is still in the primary stage.

I would really like to know how other webmasters are working to develop websites for Indian market.

What we did:

  1. Brainstorming: Yuppp, we did that a lot to create a big list of key phrases (the list was huge and our primary source was keywords used for UK market).
  2. Grouping: We created different sets of key phrases for each page.
  3. Market Research: I talked to around 50 people in our target market to understand their habit.
  4. Back link and content study: We did some extensive studies on our competitors to find out which key words they are using.
  5. The plan: we are developing and twigging the content around these different key phrases to see the result. Soon we can grow a genuine list of key phrases to run the website smoothly with better ROI.

What alternatives did we have?

  1. Extensive advertisement in other offline media like TV, newspaper etc. so that people can directly get into our website. But this would be too expensive although less time consuming to grow business. But this would not solve our problem in the long run as this would not help us to build a key phrases list.
  2. Go for AdWords to find out which keywords are giving us better ROI and optimize our website around them.

Anyways, we tried to do it the harder way and this is going to be a big experience for us.

But, is there anyone, who would come forward to build a keyword research tool for Indian Market (a million dollar business idea for free ? consider a link back?lol)? Would Google come forward and share their data on the growing Indian market?

Just imagine the number of Indian free guest post sites where users share content is also a source to find the important keywords for any particular Niche.

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