How to Delete an Email Account in GoDaddy – Ultimate Guide

Nowadays GoDaddy is one of the most popular, well-known web hosting platforms on the internet. It is known for the best cheap SSD hosting services provider. GoDaddy offers a variety of business and personal web hosting platforms services with affordable costing.

It provides many of the features to the customers but all these features are varied and based on their different web hosting plans. They offer free email account depends on their plans.

The process of creating and deleting of email account is hassle-free.

In the basic plans of GoDaddy, they offer or recommended to have 1 or 2 email addresses per one domain. If you are having more email account than your requirements, at that time you can go for delete email accounts option. The process of delate email account is quite easy.

If you are going to remove or delete an email account in GoDaddy hosting, at that time you should remember that… you will lose all the information related to sending and receive email information and any other data related to the email account.

In different web hosting plans such as best KVM VPS, Linux and Windows VPS, GoDaddy domain and hosting offers free emails to the bloggers through cPanel. So bloggers can easily create an email account in through cPanel as well they can delete an email account in.

You can delete email addresses in Godaddy using the Workspace Control Center. Deleting email account doesn’t delete or cancel your any plan, godaddy recover deleted email account so you can still use it to create new addresses.

Guide and Steps to Delete Email Account in GoDaddy

To delete an email account in GoDaddy through cPanel you make sure that your website should be in GoDaddy’s hosting account. Because of some of the web hosting plans in GoDaddy doesn’t allow their user to create or delete an email account.

There are some of the Guides and steps that should follow to delete an email account in GoDaddy hosting through cPanel and also you can recover deleted email account godaddy hosting.

Follow the below steps to GoDaddy delete an email account:

Step-1: Log in to your Workspace Email account and open your product.

In this step first, you need to log in to your Godaddy’s Account, Once you logged-in account then you need to click on your account’s top right corner of the page. 

There are a number of options available, in these options, you just need to click on a “My-Products” option.

Once you click on a My-Products option, below you will get the number of options, such as Domains, Web hosting, and Workspace Email, etc.

Step 2: Click Workspace Email.

After completion of the first step, now you need to click on the “Manage” option which belongs to the Webhosting option.

If you have hosted more than one site in your GoDaddy account then click on the site in which you want to delete your email account.

Step 3: Select the name of the account from which you want to delete the email.

Once you are done with step 2, you will automatically redirect to your cPanel account. In cPanel you will get some options, such as WordPress, Email Account, Installation Application, etc.

From these options, you need to click on “Email Account”.

Step-4: Select the email addresses you want to delete.

Once you click on an email account, you will get a list of all registered email address with that account. Now click on the email address which you want to delete. Now you will see delete icon and click on that “delete icon” which is in the corner of the right-hand side.

Step-5: Click on OK 

After clicking on the delete iconit will ask you for confirmation to delete an email account in GoDaddy hosting. Click on the “delete” option if you want to delete the email account. 

You should keep in mind that once you delete an account you can’t recover the changes. So if you once finalize to delete at that time only press “Delate”, otherwise you can click on the “Cancel” option to back the process.

Note: When you delete an email address in Godaddy, you also delete all of the messages which are remaining on the server for that address.

This is the complete procedure for remove and deletes an email account in GoDaddy through cPanel.

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