How to Decorate Your Front Verandah

    Outdoor Chairs

    It is often observed that when it comes to decorating your outdoor living areas many people focus more on their back yards than their front ones. However, it should be noted that even the smallest of details matter when it comes to creating an impact.  Your front verandah is the first impression of your house after all. Making your verandah beautiful also means you have more places to soak up the beautiful seasons outdoors in your home. The presence of outdoor chairs and some other accessories and furnishings are an easy and practical way to spruce up your verandah entirely to create a style statement and make a good impression on your guests from the very beginning. 

    Paying attention to the finer details of your verandah will make for the perfect design. This includes the roof, lighting, and flooring. Here are some of our top tips to to make your verandah your new, beautifully designed outdoor oasis:

    • First things first, you need to analyse the build of your home and see which construction era it actually belongs to. This will help you in matching the design and style of your verandah to the overall architecture of your home and style it accordingly. If your home belongs to an older era of construction then you should bring objects to be featured in your verandah according to the construction style of the era. Modern construction needs modern and contemporary complement. Therefore, the presence of modern and comfortable furniture along with contemporary accessories will create a great impression.
    • Keep an eye out for any worn out flooring on your verandah, you need to maintain it and keep it in a good shape for a great first impression. This involves cleaning, polishing and even upgrading of your flooring. Regardless of whether the flooring is made up of timber or hard tiles, it is necessary to keep it clean and remove any dust from it. You may need a power hose to clean your flooring properly. You will love the flooring after seeing it all freshened up. If the flooring of your front verandah is made up of timber, then you may need to apply a coat of timber decking oil for instant effect.
    • There is no doubt that proper lighting will highlight all the beautiful accents of your verandah. Make sure that you place the lighting in such a way that it creates a greater impact. The addition of lighting will also help you in boosting the street appeal of your home. All you need to do is add practical lights in a strategic way to keep your verandah lit. This will also help you in making the front of your home secure from trespassers.
    • The addition of plants in your front verandah will add to the beauty of your home and create a great first impression that your guests will surely admire. If you have enough space then bring some large designed planters with large plants that require less maintenance. If you have less space than the addition of hanging planters will be a practical choice to save space for practical yet comfortable furniture pieces and natural rugs.

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