How to customize the BigCommerce fulfillment emails to customers?

    BigCommerce fulfillment

    BigCommerce is one of the more popular ecommerce platform used by millions of ecommerce stores. The platform is known for its simple and customers? oriented features that let online stores to customized the customers? journey and create more value out of their stores. By offering customers personalized shopping experience, ecommerce stores significantly increase their chances of improving customer retention, as well as, revenues for their stores.

    Now, in the e-commerce industry, order fulfillment represents a wider process and isn?t restricted to the fulfillment of an order. Rather the order fulfillment process starts even before an order is placed by the user from your ecommerce website. The process starts with the sourcing of inventory from vendors, then goes on to entails inventory management, packaging, and finally delivering the order to customers promptly.

    BigCommerce fulfillment emails to customers

    In the online industry, customers have the right to know about the location of the product they ordered. The BigCommerce?s fulfillment emails enable ecommerce stores to keep their customers updated with everything they want to know about the orders. The fulfillment email feature is meant to send customers details of the present location of their package, as well as, the process of the delivery. The best part about the BigCommerce fulfillment emails to customers is that these emails are sent automatically to the customers, as soon as the status of the order is updated in the dashboard.

    How to customized BigCommerce Fulfillment Emails to Customers?

    The BigCommerce fulfillment emails can be customized by store owners to offer their customers a more personalized and branded appeal. This can be achieved by the following process:

    • Access the email templates ? this can be accessed through the control panel
    • Here you will see all the fulfillment emails that have been sent to customers automatically. You can click on any of the emails to edit it. These automatically generated emails have various snippet codes and variables, among which few codes can be customized along with their description. Below are some of the snippet codes which you can customize:
    • Abandoned_cart_email.html The abandoned cart emails are generated when a customer left the shopping cart without ordering. The customization for the abandoned cart email is available on BigCommerce selected versions (price plan)
    • Account_details_changed_email.html This email is generated when a user makes changes to its profile. It is meant as an added security layer for users? account
    • giftcertificate_email.html As can be taken by name, this email is sent to the customers who have won a gift certificate
    • OrderTrackingLink.html The order tracking link emails are sent to customers once the ordered items are shipped to them

    Now that you know different types of email templates, you can easily edit them using WYSIWYG editor or if you have programming experience, you can directly customize through HTML. The WYSIWYG editor is more suited for store owners who aren?t familiar with the coding or programming, however, it comes with certain limitations like you won?t be able to edit the theme files or style through the editor.


    Just like BigCommerce offers a great level of flexibility and customization option for Ecommerce stores, the platform also offers various customization options for fulfillment emails to customers. However, the key to utilizing BigCommerce fulfillment emails to customers is to understand the right strategy to target customers. There are certain pre-snippets available for email templates, which in reality are quite sufficient for customization, however, you can also make additional customization through HTML directly or by using the WYSIWYG editor.


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