Here’s How To Create A Stellar B2B Website Design?

In today’s digital world, where you find millions of billions of websites, creating an engaging and interactive site that appeals to users and fulfill their interests has become a necessity for B2B businesses. Meeting the ever-increasing demands of today’s tech-savvy customers is a daunting understanding, but with a careful B2B design approach, you can attract more and more customers to your business.

A B2B website is designed to build brand awareness, showcase your products and convince potential customers to convert. Following a consumer-focused approach can help you develop a successful B2B website design that can do wonders. By understanding what your target audience wants, what are their pain points and how you can solve their problems can help you create a better experience that will lead to conversions.

Whether you are thinking of redesigning your B2B website or planning to create a B2B website from scratch, here are some design principles for building an impressive B2B website.

Let’s explore.

Map the B2B Buyer Journey

When it comes to designing a B2B website, you need to map the buyer’s journey. You can perform this task more accurately when you have an in-depth knowledge of your target audience. Conducting user research and developing a B2B buyer persona can help you fulfill this goal.

According to Gartner, the B2B customer buying journey is a bit complicated as it involves six to ten decision makers, equipped with a number of options and solutions. It clearly shows that your web design team creates a unique experience that captivates visitors and convinces them to make a purchase decision.

Remember, a great B2B website is designed by keeping ideal customers’ interests, pain points and demands in mind. You need to identify the buyer persona by understanding their pain points, needs, job roles and budget constraints. When you map a customer’s journey by keeping this information in mind, you will come up with a website that offers a great user experience and converts more leads.

Clearly State What Your Site Offers

Source: Slack

Your product quality and value proposition can make or break your B2B website. You can attract your target audience by telling them what you have in store for them. Highlight the advantages of using your product, what makes your product unique, and how it can solve their pain points. When your value proposition is clearly described, it allows visitors to interact with your offers, which will eventually increase your chances of getting more conversions.

Several studies show that it takes visitors 0.05 seconds to form an opinion of your brand.  Make sure your B2B website clearly states what your website is all about, what type of products you offer and what they should do next to get your products.

Easy to Use Interface

Believe it or not, offering an out-of-the-box user experience can make your B2B website a big hit. If your website is easy to navigate, organized and guides users on how to complete the desired action, then you will observe a significant reduction in bounce rate.

A great user experience starts with a well-structured website, packed with interactive visual elements, relevant information and clear navigation to meet user’s expectations.

Quality Content Matters

According to statistics, more than 90% of visitors judge your brand and its credibility based on your website design. But your B2B website is incomplete without engaging, quality content. You must write a compelling, informative copy for your B2B website that helps understand users what your business is all about. Make it easier for users to convince and convert by showing interesting visuals, and amazing copy.

You can educate prospective buyers by providing content in different formats, for instance, explainer videos, blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, infographics and slideshows. Put your best efforts into creating engaging content pieces that convince visitors to try your products and become your customers.  

Unique Landing Pages

A landing page is one of the most important elements of a B2B website that has the potential to create a positive, first impression and catch the attention of more visitors. According to a study conducted by Marketo, strategic landing pages are used by more than 68% of B2B businesses to acquire more leads and sales.

Source: Asana

When visitors click through to the landing page, it will take only 15 seconds to catch their attention. Let’s take an example of Asana that is following the less is more approach. When you land on the Asana website, you will see a headline with subtext and a clear CTA button. When you click the CTA button, a lead form appears to create a free account. The landing page also highlights the benefits of using the product. Visitors also get the opportunity to try the project management software for 30 days.

Make CTAs Stand Out

Strong CTAs are the most important components of your B2B website that play a key role in generating more leads. CTAs and their right placement matter a lot as they guide visitors on how to take the desired action. Place CTAs at different places to prompt users to learn more about your product or service and navigate to related pages.  

Add a Demo Video

Many B2B products and services are aimed at solving complex business problems. Incorporating an explainer video into your B2B website is a smart strategy to educate visitors about your product or service. A study suggests that more than 69% of consumers prefer to watch a video to understand how a product or service can solve their problems. Product demo videos can play an important role in convincing people to make a purchase decision.

B2B businesses are strongly advised to create interesting demo videos that truly define how the product works and how it can help you solve your problems. It helps visitors understand the benefits of using your product and make purchase decisions.

To Sum All Things Up 

Designing a website for your B2B business is a challenging task. Conducting thorough research and an effective design plan can help you create a better B2B website to delight your customers and portray a positive brand image. These are a few important design principles you should keep in mind while creating a B2B website. You can also contact a website development company in Dubai to develop a stellar B2B website design that can convert prospects into paying customers.

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