How to create a preventive electrical maintenance plan

    electrical maintenance plan

    The least important team will have maintenance strategies developed in a maximum of 24 months.

    An update of the electrical diagram management will be implemented in the following 12 months.

    The staff will be trained so that they can effectively apply all the strategies.

    Inactivity days will be established for electrical equipment.

    Get support from an electrical working group

    It is necessary to share the plans with this group, since they are the ones who know the plant perfectly. Their ideas must be included in the vision so that the members feel included.

    Obtain management support

    If management does not support the vision, there is little chance of success. For this reason, it must have enough arguments to be taken into account. The benefits must be highlighted, as well as the future profits. Questions will abound, but if the proposal is strong, then there will be no problem.

    Resources will be required to implement the changes

    The vision should make clear that various resources will be necessary to obtain significant improvements when creating an electrical maintenance plan. This does not necessarily mean that more people are needed. Getting help from third parties is what usually makes the most sense. When the program starts, the efficiency gain will compensate for the absence of a few workers.

    Understand the importance of electrical assets

    A tool can do this job, but if assets already have some time in the company, employees will be the ones to offer a better picture of their condition. The most important assets will be the starting point.

    Create a failure history

    There are two areas in which this information can be found: computer aided maintenance management and operator experience. The goal is to understand the failures that need to be mitigated when creating an electrical maintenance plan.

    Understand the potential causes of failure

    For new and major assets, it is recommended to perform a failure mode and affect analysis, or a reliability focused maintenance process. These tools will determine “what can go wrong and what would happen.? Thus, decisions can be made based on the most critical effects.

    Develop preventive maintenance inspections to minimize known and hypothetical failure modes

    Before building the electrical maintenance plan, the existing one must be evaluated. If it has not been reviewed in a long time, you will probably already have several shortcomings:

    The actions developed in the new plan must be quantifiable.

    The infrared thermography is the best option to detect hot spots in the control and distribution equipment.

    For all electrical components, the ?clean, cool and dry? rule is essential to keep technicians safe.

    Make sure all strategy documents have been captured and scheduled to run during downtime

    These actions can take a long time, but must be done so that resources are available at all times. Failure to do so could be viewed poorly by customers.

    Organize the material

    In order for the planned work to be carried out properly, the materials must be ordered according to the hierarchy of the teams, so that they can be identified and ordered appropriately. The critical team must remain for the inventory, since not having it can have serious consequences if needed. All this categorization should be part of the overall project.

    Manage electrical diagrams

    A review of the accuracy of electrical diagrams should be performed in order of importance of equipment. The most experienced and trained staff should participate in this activity. It is recommended to make digital copies of the diagrams to have them within reach. This can be laborious, but the benefits will be enormous.

    Train electrical personnel

    Creating an electrical maintenance plan with all staff will be essential to start a training process. Generating a matrix that includes the specific technologies and skills required would be very helpful.

    Make sure that all processes are well documented

    Prioritization is very important so as not to lose control. This must be based on urgency, business value, and time constraints. A workflow model for achieving this should include processes for dealing with breakdowns, planning, performing scheduled tasks, and capturing all movements in the system.

    Get feedback

    Feedback from staff will be vital in creating a truly effective electrical maintenance plan.

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