Food e-commerce: how to create the best one

Food e-commerce

Food e-commerce is poised for rapid growth in the next year. The food industry is one of the largest retail categories in several countries but it has not yet widely adopted online selling when compared to other sectors. One of the reasons is that food products have particular logistic and storage requirements.

Food e-commerce

The delivery service must be carefully studied according to the type of product and its perishable nature. Transport services must be reliable and ensure that the goods are delivered on time and in the manner established.

So, food retailers have been slow to move online, but technology advance is contributing to change this trend. To dominate this sector, food companies must choose the right e-commerce strategy and the best platform to sell.

Food e-commerce, a growing trend

Many realities operating in the food sector have decided to expand their target of users, investing in the creation of an online store. In fact, creating an e-commerce site allows you to build a digital showcase of your products. Researches and market analyzes have shown that one of the trends that are experiencing a positive increase on the web is the food consumption sector. In fact, many people have shown that they have a strong predisposition to online purchases as regards food.

Of course, this turnaround varies from country to country, but in general, industrialized countries are increasingly opening their doors to online grocery shopping.

What are the main characteristics of successful food ecommerce?

Creating e-commerce isn?t easy, so it is necessary to rely on communication professionals who can create a flexible and user-friendly structure, both from computer and mobile. Ensuring a simple and usable user experience is the first step to achieving success with an online business.

Some of the tools and characteristics that you can notice on the most successful international food and beverage shops are:

When a company decides to sell online, it?s very important to choose the right platform and e-commerce service to take advantage of all these tools and of the best technology.

The promotion of a food e-commerce

To promote e-commerce, it?s essential to create an online and offline marketing and communication plan that is coordinated and effective. As for the product showcase, it?s very important to use quality product photos, taken professionally.

The choice to open a company blog within e-commerce can be very useful for providing another service to its customers, also obtaining a good ranking on search engines, and favoring the identification of an organic audience. Furthermore, social channels can be used as a sounding board, creating a fresh, informative, and emotional communication of one’s products and company.

In addition to correctly displaying and describing the foods on sale, it?s very important to show the company values ??in the best possible way, such as:

  • the genuineness of raw materials,
  • local productions,
  • the craftsmanship of the manufacturing processes.

Choose the best food e-commerce templates

Another decisive point in the opening a food web store is to choose the perfect aesthetic appearance and graphics. A good template can be the base to work in the right direction. It?s better to count on advanced options for template customization, and to prioritized customer support. Most of the time, if you choose a free food template, you get limited options. A serious business needs a custom template.

Concerning the style, it should reflect the identity of the company:

  • class and elegance are typical of the retailers? websites that want to take customers on an online journey through their food delicacies;
  • pizza place and cafes that make food delivery, create websites that generally focus on the aim to grab everyone?s attention and make them hungry for more;
  • calming, yet vibrant web designs are often used for vegetarian or vegan e-commerce.

Italian food e-commerce

One of the winning strategies in the online food sales industry can be to specialize in a niche. Not only can you choose to sell the widest assortment of a specific foodstuff but you can also opt for the creation of an ecommerce of food typical of an area. Italian food, for example, is famous all over the world and is much loved by foreigners.

Some of the most successful online stores are those that export and deliver the most famous products of Italian gastronomy.

Among the Italian e-commerce stores that sell food abroad are:

  • homesweetshop.iy,

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