How to connect the Vankyo projector to an android phone

vankyo projector

If you want to get a projector that helps to work in the institute, schools, and your business, then you can buy Vankyo Proctor. Using this projector, you can also enjoy a TV connection by attaching with a DTH connection and streaming online videos. The functions of these projectors are sd card, HDMI port, IR remote control, audio connect a V TV interface focus control, VGA, and you can connect the USB power port for using the laptop, mobiles, or DTH connection. You get all these functions in it and you can easily operate the projector through these functions. It?s an affordable projector.

With the Vankyo projector, you have got the remote, power plug, audio connectivity wires. This projector supports up to 720p and it can go all the way to 1080p. The natively this is 720p but it can upscale to full support of 1080p that you can play and scale movies on 180 inches. This projector screen is big if somebody who wants to have a big screen and wants that movie cinema from your Netflix, amazon prime I think it is very affordable compared to others. If you are thinking about how to connect Vankyo projector to android phone, I mentioned below all the steps of Vankyo projector setup.

Vankyo projector setup

With this projector, you can enjoy a cinema hall. The size of the projector is very compact. To do the Vankyo projector set up first and foremost, take up your projector. Now, for using the projector, you have to need a PlayStation. Put the Vankyo projector box on the front of the screen and also attach the PlayStation to the projector. The Vankyo projector directly projects the images, videos, and movies on the screen. There is a cap on the front of your projector right, here take it out very securely and take that cover off. Through this cap, you can zoom in and zoom out the screen. The lens is also available on this projector cap, it?s very portable.

Setup Process

To turn on the power of your projector, plugin its switch in an electric socket. Also, plugin your PlayStation like a Chromecast with the projector?s HD port. Attach the USB cable to the Chromecast cable port. To open the input source menu, use the source button. Press on the Vankyo projector up or down button and remote. Again, press on the projector ok button. When the projector is run. Then, the projector LED blinks the red color light. Press the projector on or off button when the LED light turns a red color light after three seconds. If the projector is working properly, the Vankyo projector LED?s light blinks green color light. Through this projector, you can project movies, videos, images, and text by connecting the USB drive, SD card, and hard disk without using a computer and mobile phone device. Now, you have completed the Vankyo projector set up in a proper manner.

Connect Vankyo projector to android phone

If you want to project videos, images, movies, files, and text on your mobile devices like smartphone, android phone, or tablets, etc. You can connect the Vankyo projector to your android phone. Plugin your projector and turn on the power of your projector. Also, turn on the power of your android mobile device. Prepare an HDMI adaptor, according to your android phone. The Vankyo projector connects with the HDMI port.

Also, connect other ends with the type-c lightning USB ports of your mobile device. With using the remote, press on the source button and select the input source option. To project the file, movies, videos, and text on an android mobile device, press the projector source button. Select the trust option when there is a window on your mobile device. Now, you can project the files, videos, audios, images, and text on the android phone device.

The Vankyo projector issues

Many expensive projectors display a lot of issues. One of those projectors is a Vankyo projector. Here I mention all the issues of the project. It?s viewed that the projector is working but without audio. Audio is available on the projector but without displays. A Vankyo projector screen displays an on-screen signal not available. Images are not shown on the projector or show blurry and out of shape of their original shape. Not connected with an android mobile device. Sometimes, videos, audios, and movies are not properly show.

Your Vankyo Projector connection is set up with the help of this information.

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