Top Tips to Clean Up Your Basement After a Flood

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Basement flooding is something that can happen in any basement. Even if the area does not experience severe rainfall, basement flooding can happen. There are several reasons for the same. Plumbing issues, sewage leaks, snowfalls, etc are some of the factors that play a major role in causing a flood in a basement.

Cleaning a basement after a flood can get very appalling. Also getting started is not the only important thing. No matter what is the water level in the basement, there are serious health and safety issues after a basement flood. Emergency help might be needed after a basement flood. flood restoration in San Diego is also easily accessible.

Below is the article that would help you in such a situation. 

First steps to take after a basement flood

o   Check for damage

Properly examine your basement for damages or cracks. Enter the basement only if everything seems to be good.

o   Turn off the electricity

Make sure that you switch off the power before stepping into the basement. Call a skilled professional to do the work if you are not able to do it on your own.

o   Draw all the wet furniture and other belongings out

Take out all your wet furniture and keep them in a place with good ventilation. Furniture must be taken out first since it might get affected by termites and similar bacteria if not dried properly.

o   Dry the water out

It is crucial to remove the water from the basement. Mold can form within forty-eight hours of waterlogging. Depending on the quantity, vacuums can be used to dry the water. Even fans can be used to speed up the process.

How much will it cost?

The cost partly depends on the amount of water that has entered. It also depends on the size of the basement. Many insurance companies do not include floods in their insurances. However, certain flood insurances can be taken separately. Pumping out the water and drying up a slightly affected basement might cost around $5000 to $1000. Whereas to repair the basement completely, a light flood might cost $10,000. A heavy flood can cost up to $50,000 or more. Nevertheless, the expenses can be cut down by taking up the cleaning work. Drying up the basement can be done with the help of certain DIY tricks. However, the electrical damage repair and septic waste disposal must be done by professionals.

Whom to call?

There is no general answer to this question. A basement flood can be caused by many reasons. Plumbing leaks, heavy snowfall, severe rainfall, leaking windows, or even a basement foundation crack can cause a flood in the basement. Since water is subjected to flow through any cracks or openings, the reasons for basement floods are many.

o   If the flood is caused by sewage leaks, then a clean-up process should be started at the earliest. Professionals should be called for the sewage clean-up process. Prefer not using/flushing toilets till the issue is solved. For example, flood cleanup in Orange County can be easily accessed.

o   However, if the water logging in the basement is caused due to plumbing leaks then turn off the water valve and call a plumber. Turning off an underground valve might need a professional.

o   Waterlogging due to foundation cracks can be because of excessive rainfall. To examine such cases, a foundation contractor should be called.

Tips to clean up the basement after floods

o   Dry up the basement completely. Use vacuum cleaners or even sump pumps to do the same. (some basements might take weeks to entirely dry up)

o   Sanitize and disinfect the basement. Walls and floor should be properly examined and disinfected.

o   Remove affected items like furniture, wood, carpets, etc. These things would absorb a lot of water and can grow mold.

o   Do not use bleach to clean mold. Bleach cannot clear mold pores. It only kills live mold.

o   Prefer using detergent to remove the mold. Detergent is considered to be more effective than bleach.

o ? There are many places where floods are very frequent. Thus, for those places, certain companies and NGOs function to help people during floods. Just like the way flood cleanup in Orange County is available.?

How to prevent basement floods?

To prevent basement floods, waterproofing should be considered. Even the gutters and downspouts near your house should be cleaned. Try to not have a sloping ground near your basement. Also, the openings and cracks in your house and basement must be taken care of. Close all the holes and leaking spots of your basement and house. See to it that your drainage systems and plumbing are working properly. Buy/install a sump pump that can suck water from your basement and thus prevent the water level from rising. Also, paint your basement walls and floors with waterproof coating.


The reasons for the basement flood are many. It could be rain, a sewage leak, or a pipe burst. 

Basement flooding is a horror for every homeowner with a basement imagines. When it happens do not retreat into a fetal position and hope for a miracle. There are certain NGOs and companies like Flood Cleanup Orange County. Be bold to face the situation and work calmly on cleaning up your basement.

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