How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring

    engagement ring

    Whether you?re newly engaged or love to wear your diamond engagement ring every day, you need to learn how to keep your ring shining bright. It?s important to keep up with your ring?s cleaning and maintenance. If you don?t, your diamond could lose its shine, pick up scratches and become a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria. If you don?t have time to pop to the jewellers every time your ring looks a bit dull (who does?!), here?s how to clean your diamond engagement ring at home.

    Cleaning your diamond engagement ring at home

    Before we get into the cleaning tips, you need to be doing the very basics to keep your jewellery ? and your engagement ring ? looking shiny and new. Remember to handle your diamonds sparingly. A diamond shines the brightest when light is entering it so if it?s dirty, the light and sparkle will be restricted. Finger oils, lotions and perfume are all types of grease that can sit on the surface of the diamond and dull its shine. It?s also important to give your ring a break every now and then. Take it off while you sleep, swim and shower and store it in the box it came in.

    engagement ring

    To clean the diamond:

    To start the cleaning process, fill a bowl with warm water and a mild washing up liquid. Pop your engagement ring in the solution and let it soak for 15-30 minutes, depending on how dirty it is. Once the soak is complete, take it out of the water and use a clean soft bristled toothbrush to get into the crevices and buff the diamond. Make sure the toothbrush is clean and only used for jewellery.

    Avoid rubber bristles and if you?re unsure which toothbrush to get, go for a children?s toothbrush. During this step, pay special attention to where the diamond connects to the band with the toothbrush, or you can use a cotton bud. Finally, rinse it under running water and dry it with a cotton or linen cloth.

    To clean the band:

    If the band is a different material, you might have to wash it differently to avoid ruining the band. Try dipping a cotton pad in the water and soap mixture and holding or rubbing this over the diamond.

    If the ring is gold or platinum, you can clean the band the same way as the diamond, so you can follow the steps above. If it?s silver which has a tendency to dull and oxidise, you can use a small dab of toothpaste to the band to get its sparkle back. This is slightly risky as you really shouldn?t let toothpaste touch a diamond so to stay safe, use a buffing cloth to keep the metal gleaming.

    How often should I clean my ring?

    To keep your ring looking its best, give it a soak or simply a wipe over once a week. For the long term, get a professional jeweller to take a look at your ring and give it a good clean twice a year. If you?re not sure who to take it to, visit your local jeweller or take it to the designer who made your ring!


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