8 Factors to Consider Before You Choose Web Hosting Company

Are you interested in launching your website? For this you may have performed various activities like:

  • Planning marketing activities
  • Getting a domain name
  • Identifying your business’s niche

In addition to this, selecting a hosting provider is a decision that is most important. For enhancing your site, you need to choose a hosting provider that is right for you.

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Now I am going to tell you 8 factors to consider before you choose a web hosting company.

1. Identify the requirements of your site – You can easily find a number of web hosts on Google. But it is important to know your website’s requirements and only then you should go for selecting a hosting provider. Now have a look at certain questions:

  • Which kind of site do I want to create?
  • Am I interested in using WordPress?
  • Do I expect a good amount of traffic?

All the above questions need to be asked by you from yourself. There is a lot of importance to these questions. In the selection of the right web hosts the answers of the above questions will help you a lot. If you want to establish an ecommerce shop then go for the web hosts that have specialization in ecommerce. If you want to create a site in WordPress then go for a web host of the WordPress that is managed.

A hosting plan that is shared is good for those people who are going to create a site for the first time. It is because maintaining this type of hosting is very easy and it will not cost you so much.

2. Consider uptime scores and reliability of the server – A per minute loss of $66,240 happened to Amazon in 2013 when the site didn’t work for half an hour. So, your web host needs to be stable as it will help your site remain online. The stability of a web host can be checked with its uptime score. For tracking a hosting provider, you can use a large number of tools so as to monitor the server. A less than 99 % uptime score needs to be avoided.

3. Choose a hosting plan which can upgrade the server – Most of the beginners choose a hosting plan that is shared. However, there can be various sizes and shapes of hosting plans. It is necessary that your server can be upgraded easily and so choose a web host of that type.

The available resources are limited in a hosting plan that is of shared type. Accommodating a larger bandwidth is not possible in a hosting plan of shared type like if the visitors are more than 30,000 then the problem will occur in accessing the website. So, a facility of upgrading the plan needs to be provided by the web host.

4. The renewal price of the website should not be much higher than the signup price – It has been found that mostly the renewal price of a website in a plan is not the same as its signup price. In every 2 or 3 years changing the web host will be a good idea because the renewal prices are usually hiked by most of the companies. A hike in the price that is reasonable needs to be provided by a web host. For instance, a renewal price not more than $10/month is good if $5/month is the signup cost. So, before choosing a web host you need to see its terms of service.

5. The hosting provider should offer a free trial or refund policy – If your budget is not big and you are a beginner then it can be costly for you to use a web host. However, the costs can be reduced if the web host provides a free trial or refund policy. For testing the plan of hosting, you can get help from the free trials that the web host offers. If the requirements of your site are not fulfilled by the hosting plan, then you can go for a new hosting plan.

The chances of losing a large amount of money get reduced if good policies of refunding money are offered by a hosting provider. If at the time of trial periods your account is cancelled by you then sometimes a cancellation fee is charged by some hosting providers. These kinds of hosting providers need to be avoided by you. When after the trial period a guarantee of refunding is provided by a company then that company is good for you.

6. The hosting provider should provide backups for your website – A website needs to have backups as these are very important for it. Your site can stop working because of a hack, virus, failure and crash in spite of getting measures of security. If after the accident you want your website to get back in the normal form then you can get help from a backup policy. Restoration of the complete site should be provided by the hosting provider.

7. The hosting provider should provide a customer support facility – Sometimes resolving an issue of the server is not in your hand. So here you need a team of customer support that can provide a solution to your problem with a telephone or live chat. For resolving the issues of your website, you can get immediate help from this. On forums or on Facebook you can know about the reviews of the support team of the hosting provider.

8. Speed of the website and responsiveness of the server should be quick – The chances of the success of your business with the use of a website increase if your website loads at a faster rate. Nowadays for the ranking of a website, consideration is given to the loading speed of the mobile page by a search engine known as Google. For fast loading of your site, it is necessary that a server speed that is fast is offered by a hosting provider. Improving your rankings as well as user experience will become possible because of this.

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