How To Choose An Immigration Service Provider

The immigration process is not as straightforward as you may want to believe. The procedures can throw several challenges at the applicants, turning the affair into a stressful, laborious exercise. Though the outcome may be favourable, you can spend a lot of money, time and energy pursuing it, especially when you fail to explore options that can help alleviate potential problems. 

You can choose to handle all the immigration-related paperwork yourself, but choosing to do everything on your own can have its downsides. What could go wrong, you ask, well a lot, especially if you are not acquainted with the procedures.

  • You may not fill the application forms completely.
  • You may fill the forms incorrectly.
  • You may choose the wrong visa category.
  • Your covering letter may not be worded correctly.
  • You may misinterpret the requirements.

It may seem silly to think that you could make mistakes in filling a simple immigration application, but even the best can make mistakes if you must know. The forms can sometimes be challenging and tough to comprehend. And that is why we have Immigration Service Providers to assist with the paperwork.

Immigration consultant in Kerala

Consulting an Immigration consultant in Kerala to help with the immigration process is the right way to proceed. You can depend on their guidance, and their experience in handling tricky immigration-related issues can be advantageous to you. But, how do you choose an immigration service provider that is perfect for you? We have curated a list of things to consider to help identify the best immigration service provider that suits your requirements. 

What services do Immigration Service Providers offer?

Though the scope of services provided by Immigration Service Providers can differ between providers, they broadly assist with the following associated services:

  • Advice and assistance with regards to Visas and Permits
  • Authentications
  • Assistance with the cover letter
  • Board, Body or Council Registrations
  • Citizenship
  • Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications
  • Filling up of the applications
  • Matters concerning Citizenship and Residency
  • Translations

Matters in which Immigration Service Providers are unable to assist

Most nations have stringent norms for immigration. And applicants are required to comply with laid down rules for their applications to be considered. Certain aspects of the process require the applicant’s involvement, and there are other factors that no one, not even the immigration service provider, can influence. Some of these are:

  • Immigration Service Providers cannot submit immigration applications on an applicant’s behalf. It is the applicant’s responsibility to apply for immigration.
  • The Immigration Service Provider has no control over the processing time of the application once it reaches the immigration department.
  • They cannot predict if the immigration department will request additional documentation other than that stipulated in the Immigration Act.
  • They cannot assure the approval of the application. That depends wholly on the applicant’s documents and status.

The key advantages of using an Immigration Service Provider

The advantages of hiring services of an Immigration Service Provider are:

  • You can rely on their accurate understanding of the Immigration Act and Regulations.
  • They assist with the filling up of the application. Note that incorrectly filled or incomplete applications can result in them being turned down or be returned without processing. This scenario can cause undue delays and cost you money.
  • Immigration service providers check for irregularities in the documentation and suggest corrections before applying.
  • They verify supporting documents to ensure that they conform to guidelines laid down in the Immigration Act.
  • The service providers also help identify the right Visa category to be filled in the application, based on the applicant’s requirement.
  • The cover letter is checked for errors and inconsistencies before being submitted to the immigration department. Appropriate amendments are suggested to ensure it complies with the immigration requirement.

Tips for choosing the right Immigration Service Provider

Engaging just any Immigration Service Provider that you find listed on an online platform is not the way to proceed. To ensure a pleasant, trouble-free experience, the Immigration Service Provider should meet the following criteria –

  • Be a trusted name in the field and be operating the business from a proper office. They must have an appropriate office of business in a brick and mortar structure.
  • Additionally, they must have reachable contact numbers that are manned during working hours.
  • They must also have an email address for online communication.
  • They should not be a one-person army. The office should be adequately staffed.
  • And most importantly, they must have a website, with details of their services mentioned.
  • They must be legal and registered with an authorised agency.
  • They must be well-informed about work permits and the different types of visas, and the requirement for each of them.
  • Their service must be all-inclusive; they must provide support from start to end.
  • An Immigration Service Provider must know the immigration laws and policies of the country.

It is advisable to check all of these details before engaging their services. It assures you that the service provider is well-established and trustworthy.

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