How to Change Registered Mobile Number in Canara Bank?

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    Bank account details should be always kept confidential. If you expose them to people they probably your details will be misused. And even the banks are always advising their customers to not to share the details like the ATM number, PIN Number, etc. The bank will be never calling you to ask for your account details. And in India, we receive the calls asking for the OTP number. OTP is nothing but the One Time Password that the banks send you while you are making any kind of online transactions.

    But how do you receive the OTP?

    The bank will be sending you the one time password on the number which you have given to the bank. OTP is sent to your registered mobile number only. You are not going to receive it in any other way.

    However, there are some banks that send the OTP via Email as well. But even in that case, your Email ID should be registered with your bank account.

    I am quite sure that many of you might now have understood the meaning of the registered mobile number.

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    But for those who are still confused about the Registered Mobile Number. Let me explain you with an example.

    What is the Registered Mobile Number?

    This is the mobile number that the customer has given to the bank while he or she was opening the bank account with them. When you will be filling the bank account opening form you will be asked to enter many details.

    The mobile number and the Email Address are two of those. And whatever data you enter in these two fields will be taken as your registered data. i.e. the registered mobile number and the registered email address.

    For example, let us assume that you are making an online payment of some value to someone using internet banking.

    When you enter all the details of your account like your username and the password. You will be taken to the payment screen, which says an OTP has been sent to your mobile number.

    Your payment will not be authorized until you enter that OTP on the payment screen. And the mobile number to which you receive the OTP is nothing but your registered mobile number.

    In this guide, I will be explaining to you how you can change your registered mobile number in the Canara Bank account. I will try to cover everything that you need to know about this process. And will also try to clear all the possible doubts that you might have in your mind.

    Can I Change the Registered Mobile Number Online?

    This is the most asked question of Canara Bank users when it comes to changing the registered mobile number. So let us start with this question first.

    The answer is No.

    You can not change your registered mobile number in Canara Bank online. Currently the bank no feature or function which lets to make this change using internet banking.

    Then how can you Change your Mobile Number?

    If you wish to change registered mobile number in Canara Bank. Then you personally have to visit your home branch of the bank.

    And make sure that you visit your home branch only. Because, if you visit any other branch of the bank then you will not be able to update or change the mobile number.

    Here what I mean by the home branch is the branch where you had opened your bank account.

    You can use your bank passbook to find your home branch in case you don’t exactly know which is your home branch. The home branch details are printed on the first page of your bank passbook.

    Will the Bank Charge Me to Change the Mobile Number?

    No, the bank will not charge you anything when you change or update your mobile number. And even if you check the schedule of charges of the bank. Then you can see that there are no charges mentioned to change or update the mobile number.

    However, if the branch is asking you then you can call the customer care of the bank and verify the same.

    Can I Register 2 Mobile Numbers for 1 Bank Account?

    No, you can not have 2 mobile numbers registered for your one Canara Bank account. If you are concerned that you might lose network on your mobile number and receive the OTP on another number. Then this is not possible with any of the banks that are serving their customers in India.

    All the banks support for only 1 registered mobile number for each bank account.

    But you can have multiple bank accounts having the same registered mobile number. But not 2 mobile numbers for 1 bank account.

    Is There Any Way to Receive OTP without Mobile Network?

    Yes, you can have your OTP generated for your transaction even if you are out of network coverage area. If the network coverage is your issue then Canara Bank has got you covered.

    You can generate the OTP for your online transaction with the help of the Canara OTP application. But you should keep one thing in your mind. And that is you need to have your registered mobile number with you to activate the Canara OTP application on your smartphone.

    Once the application is activated by you then you can generate the OTP even when you don’t have network coverage in your area.

    But to do this you will require a working internet connection. It might be mobile data or Wi-Fi but your smartphone has to be connected to the internet if you are willing to generate the OTP for yourself.

    What is the Process to Change Registered Mobile Number in Canara Bank?

    The exact process to change the registered mobile number in Canara Bank is mentioned here.

    Visit your Home Branch of the Canara Bank

    The first thing you have to do is go to the home branch of your bank where you have your bank account. And this step is mandatory if you want to update or change your mobile number.

    Ask for a KYC Updation Form

    The next thing you have to do is ask for a KYC updation form which is used to update the customer’s personal and identity details.

    Fill the KYC Updation Form

    Now fill the details. There will be a separate space to enter your old mobile number and a new mobile number. You are supposed to mention all the details in the form.

    Sign and Submit the Form

    Once you have filled all the details in the form duly sign it and submit the form to the bank. Your mobile number will be changed in the bank account. This might take up to 2 working days to maximum it. In most of cases it will be changed before the end of the day when you submit the form to the bank.

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