How To Car Stereo With Backup Camera And Bluetooth Like A Professional

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Today, most new cars have built-in backup cameras. In fact, ALL new cars should have standard camera features from 2019 onwards. But of course there are a lot of old cars that don?t have a backup camera. Owners of these cars need to increase their ability to sell in the aftermarket. While there are many good backup cameras, many require a separate monitor mounted on the dashboard, which can cause noise in your car.

car stereos

One good solution to the hustle and bustle is to buy car stereos that have a screen that can display camcorders. This integrates everything into your radio to make it look and feel like a stock specification directly from the manufacturer. In this guide, we provide tips to help our readers find the best stereo system with a spare camera.


Not everyone needs a built-in navigation system, but buying it can take a long time during this purchase. If you skip, you can still use your phone’s apps, such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze, on the route.

It gives you huge traffic data, but it uses your phone?s data and battery, connects to your phone?s screen, and can eventually solve the problem if cell phone coverage is lost.

A built-in navigation system that includes hundreds of dollars in stereo pricing and is not dependent on reception as it has all the information on the screen and points of interest stored in the stereo memory.

Satellite Radio Compatibility: Satellite radio compatibility is very important for anyone who has (or needs to buy)

CD / DVD player:

Using a CD player may be decent, but we have a lot of ways to adjust the sound through the phone, we didn?t consider it intermittent. Many low-cost stereo systems, called advanced media players, do not have a turntable.


All stereo systems tested have a video input, so it didn?t affect our choices. The input allows you to connect a spare camera and see it on a video screen. Many expensive stereo systems also have a second or third input, which also allows you to connect another camera to the front or rear of the trailer or provide a larger screen for the DVR.


Many stereo systems can receive an HD radio, which can be a computerized signal transmitted from conventional local radio stations. HD radio can provide excellent sound quality, but we?ve combined the results with HD radio reception, and if you?re out of signal range, the default stereo is normal radio reception.


If you choose a new stereo with a rear camera, you have something to think about before making a choice. After all, these are two special products that work together. As you?ve seen from some of the options above, the stereo can be great, but the camera can leave something better.

Above all, we tried to find products that offer the best main unit and spare cameras that were also in the beginning. When creating a list of recommended products, we consider many factors. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a stereo with a rear camera.


On many car stereos with backup camera options, the camera can sometimes feel like an added feature, while the main focus seems to be stereo. Like other products, you?ll find cheaper stereos with backup cameras, and there are more expensive models that may have additional features.

Remember, you usually get what you pay for. While something may seem affordable, you may get a poor quality camera or lack some of the features you want. If price is the most important option for you and you want a higher quality model, think about shopping online or during sales to save as much as possible.

Image quality

it was a little trickier than if we just looked at the front or rear camera. Since we were looking for the best main unit with a backup camera, we had to think about car stereos and the quality of the camera. The good news is that you will find many options for high definition cameras. Of course, you need to consider stereo options and visuals when deciding if a car receiver with a backup camera is the right choice for you.

Easy to install

If you?re like most people, you?ll probably set up a stereo instead of doing it yourself. However, once everything is done, you want it to be easy to install and start using after you install it. If you have any questions, you will need instructions or a user guide that can fill you in. Easy and easy access to customer service and / or technical support is another important consideration we made when choosing.


When you buy a stereo system with a spare camera, the monitor is an important feature. The larger screen can be found on stereo systems, which also include DVD access and other special features. After all, you need something with a screen big enough to see what?s going on. How big depends on you in the end, but we found that most good ones offer a screen size of at least 6-7 inches.

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