An Exclusive Guide to Buy Stones in Australia

    buy stones in Australia

    Buying gemstone jewelry is a common practice these days. They are a perfect fashion accessory as they come in adorable colors like pink, blue, sapphire and many others. You can easily match a gemstone jewelry with any outfit, and it gives you an exclusive appearance.

    One of the biggest qualities of a gemstone is that they come in many shapes and sizes. Depending on your need and budget, you can always find something of your choice. Fashion industry is an ever-changing industry. It is always not easy to keep a track of what?s hot and what?s not.

    buy stones in Australia

    But some things are always in fashion like gemstone jewelry. Wearing unique and classy jewelry is a basic requirement of every women. Since gemstones come in all shapes and colors, you can easily match with any shoe or outfit. Gemstones are undoubtedly the most sought after jewelry bought online. But you have to be smart enough to know what is genuine and what is fake. Buying jewelry does not really need to cost you an arm or leg. You can easily buy stones in Australia online. Here are some factors that you need to consider it before buying: –

    • Color ? When it comes to gemstones, color of the stone makes a lot of difference. As per the professionals, color of the stone helps in determining of the stone. Since there are all kinds of colors available, you can choose the one that is ideal for you. The tone and color of the stone makes a lot of difference. A genuine stone should never be either too dark or too light. They should give a bright rich look.
    • Clarity ? Like diamonds, clarity of the stone is another important factor to consider. It often difficult to find a completely flawless stones, but one with minimal clarity is the one to avoid. A clear stone should always be the choice. Poor clarity means cheap and low quality.
    • Cut ? The cut also makes a lot of difference when it comes to choosing gemstones. The cut of the stone should be so fine that it should reflect light across the surface. A good cut stone also helps in maintaining clarity. Deep cuts will narrow the surface making the area darker and shallow cuts make them look lifeless. Therefore, the cuts should be precise and symmetrical to look balance from all sides.

    Buying Gemstone Jewelry Online

    The internet has changed the way we shop these days. Whether you want to buy a product or service, internet is the first place people look these days. Online shopping is not everyone?s cup of tea, especially when it comes to buying genuine jewelry. Here are some tricks you can learn that can help you avoid buying fake products: –

    1. Find the Right Website ? the best way to land directly on genuine websites, searching with right keywords is must. Even with this trick, you would come across several websites selling stone and precious jewelry. The key is to study each and every website thoroughly and depending on your research, shortlist at least 3 to 4 websites. Though being a time consuming process, it is an important step towards buying online because only thorough research can help you find websites selling genuine products.
    2. Comparing real vs fake ? One of the biggest determiners while buying jewelry online is comparing natural vs synthetic. While looking in first glance, both stones may look similar in quality, but there will always be a staggering difference in price. Natural stones are mined whereas synthetic ones are prepared in laboratory. Natural stones tend to shine and sparkle less than fake ones. They are mostly worn out due to weather conditions and they don?t sparkle as the synthetic ones. So, if you see a stone shining more than it should, probably its fake.
    3. Compare 3 C?s – Once you have picked the stone, you should also look for the cut, clarity, and color of the stone. As aforementioned, all the three factors play a major role in determining the genuineness of the stone.
    4. Store Reliability – Reliability of the store also makes a lot of difference while shopping online. When you buy stones in Australia, you need to ensure that the store is in business for years and have a good reputation amongst customers. It is always a good choice to take some recommendation from a friend or family member because then you can be assured of the reputation of the website.
    5. Certificate of Authenticity – When buying gemstones online, check with the store if they are ready to provide authenticity certificate of the stone. The certificate will give let you know the authenticity and the value charged for the stone is right or not.

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