How to Buy A Car in Australia – A Complete Guide


How to buy a new car in Australia is quite tricky work like it is elsewhere in the world.

Regardless of a comprehensive and effective public transportation system, most working Australian grown-ups think car ownership a requirement, especially those dwelling outside metropolitan areas.

Australia includes many commercial and civil areas. These populated areas are parted by miles of country road and desert. Owning a car grants residents the liberty to smoothly travel between these areas and venture into lesser-explored areas, which often hold the continent?s most magnificent natural sites.

People who prefer to rely on Australia?s public transportation system know that it requires more walking. They have to spend a lot of time in transportation, and it does not suit busy professional people.

Step by Step Guide – Car Buying in Australia

This eloquent guide and buying a new car checklist will provide all the necessary information you need to know.

Can Cars Be Imported In Australia?

If one has planned to buy a new car and wants to import a favorite one. We want to mention here that the Australian government imposes rigorous guidelines for importing vehicles. Pre-import approval from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development is necessary. Without approval, no automobile either personal or commercial will be allowed entry upon arrival.

In Australia, there are entities which are called Registered Automotive Workshops (RAW). These entities import used vehicles into the continent. There are long processes that ensure that all cars they carry into Australia meet the nation?s motor standards for secure and reliable vehicles.

These RAWs mechanically and electrically adjust incoming foreign vehicles so they adhere to Australian laws.

Their services are also available to public citizens. Citizens can either directly reach a RAW or apply via the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. In this way, they may know if their automobile already meets the guidelines for import.

Is Vehicle Purchasing Expensive in Australia?

Normally it is considered that in Australia vehicle purchasing is extraordinarily expensive. But it is not the case. In Australia, economy or mid-size vehicles are sometimes cheaper than in other countries. Like other countries car owners in Australia also have to pay for registration costs and compulsory insurance.

Car Advice To Buy A New Car In Australia From A Dealership

It is rightly said that life is too short to drive a boring car this is why we are giving some useful tips and guidelines for buying a new vehicle, hereunder.

01- Utilize the Internet

This is a digital world. The world of knowledge is in one’s palm in the shape of a smartphone. Every kind of information regarding specs, price, and all other related important knowledge is available on the internet. Kindly do utilize it, update yourself before going to the market.

Your better preparation will facilitate you in negotiations at the dealership.

02- Always avoid impulse buying and only buy a vehicle you can afford.

Determine your budget and then stick to it. As you have sufficient information from the internet, so you must not be easy prey for car dealerships.

03- Buy a Car Before You Need One

When you feel that your existing vehicle has started liking going to workshops frequently. It is time to plan for a new one now.

04- Shop at The Right Time & Look For Deals

Car dealerships usually offer different deals to increase their sales and meet the targets. So, get information about these deals through ads, newspapers, and internet, etc.  There is also a known pressure of sales at the “end”. It is the end of the day, week, month, quarter, and year. At that time you may have a better deal. 

05- Utilize Car Loan Option Wisely

First of all know your credit score, have a preapproved car loan. This car loan must suit your requirements. Now you may have a better and cheaper offer of a car loan from the car dealership. Keenly compare their offer with your preapproved one. Opt for the best option in this regard. Kindly note that you must avoid long car loans if possible.

06- Avoid so-called lucrative offers

It is advised not to buy the extended warranty as well as add-ons.

07- Test Drive

There should be no hesitation for a test drive. Before the test drive get information regarding the insurance policy of the car dealership in this regard. Test drive the vehicle on different kinds of roads to assess its efficiency and capabilities.

08- Check the Paperwork

Always prefer comprehensive insurance. Check all the papers very carefully before sign off. Ask the dealership and insurance companies to remove any term that was not disclosed, discussed, and agreed upon.

Become in charge of the situation as you are spending a lot of money.

09- Never Be Afraid To Walk Away

Remember that sometimes walking away is better. If you think that you are being persuaded to decide against your will, don’t hesitate and just walk away. Take some rest, rethink, and make a revised decision that fulfills the above-mentioned guidelines.


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