How to build your website? Know how to make your website in 5 steps?

Only half an hour is required to create and start your own website. And some money too. Not much, about 4,000-4,500 rupees in just one year. This website can be your blog, an e-commerce website like Flipkart and Amazon or it can also be according to your business needs. We will show you how you can create your own website in 5 easy steps.

Make Your Website Only Five Steps

1. Choose the idea and name of your website

If you are thinking of building a website, then you should have a clear plan for it. Is the most important consideration. Your website can help you earn money with the help of advertising, start your own business or even increase the business already running.

But your website can only do one thing at a time. No one wants a movie review on a travel blog, an education-related portal will not come down to talk about gym or fitness, a website selling handmade sweaters will churn the stock and stock market. Focus on an idea and then think of its name. The name of your website is its name.

The name should be such that it is short, easy to spell and people will remember it when told at once. Do not be hasty about the name, even if you have to spend a full month thinking about it. Find any name you think of on Google and see if a business, company, or website is already running under this name. Also, you should write at least two to three names. Because at the time of taking the domain, it is known that someone else has purchased that name.

2. Buy Domain

Domain is the name of your website. For example, the domain name of All India event website is You have to buy it. But this purchase is not like buying vegetables, but rather like a major subscription to Amazon. You have to pay for it by the year.

The longer you buy, the cheaper the domain. You can use a service like GoDaddy and BigRock to get the domain. We have also found domain names in GoDaddy that exist. Meaning that no one had already taken it. Its price is shown to be Rs 899 for a year, but the total cost of the domain for a 2-year purchase is Rs 1248.

By adding the domain to Cart, you can change the year to check how much money will be for the year, two years, three years. Try buying a domain with .com. Some premium domains will be a bit expensive. Try to get a cheap but good domain, because expensive domain will cost you more money every year.

3. Buy Hosting

To run your website, you will also need to get hosting. Think of it as the home of your website, the place where its entire data store resides. Hosting requirements vary for everyone.

In our experience, it is easiest to create a website with the help of WordPress, whether it is a blog, a simple page or an e-commerce website. So we are telling you how to get hosting for this. From the website from which you have taken your domain, you will also see the hosting option. You choose the option of WordPress-hosting in it. 3-4 plans will appear before you. Under each plan, you will get a written note of what the benefits are.

Once you get good traffic on your website, you can also change the hosting. If your work is heavy, such as an e-commerce website, etc., then you will need expensive hosting. Hosting rates are also similar to domain rates. The more time you buy, the cheaper it will be.

4. WordPress Account and Theme

Your Domain and Hosting Service will give you the option to create your website on WordPress. From here you have to create an account on WordPress and choose a topic. Theme for website is like exterior walls for home. This is the structure of your website, which will be plastered, painted and decorated.

You click Appearance in the left side panel in WordPress. Now go to the theme. Here you will find one or two themes already lying. Click on Add Theme at the top. Here you will see popular and latest themes. Some themes are free and some are paid. Many good themes also have free and pro versions. Pro costs money and gives you extra features.

The money on heme is just one time. You can find free themes of your choice by searching on Google. Then search and install it back in WordPress. Now if you want, you can publish your website or after customizing it, then press the Publish button.

5. Customize Theme

Now your website has four walls. Now you have to customize it and mold it accordingly. Website should be created by people, icons, etc. Decisions have to be made as to what should happen. There are more important plugins to install, such as Yaost SEO for SEO or All in One SEO. Depending on the needs of your website, you will need different plugins and different settings. Such as payment system plugin for e-commerce website, Paralink setup for blogged website, etc. 

Just keep in mind that the plugin should not be too high or the website will be slow. Customizing a website is a key part of creating a website. If something happens here and there, all your hard work will go in vain. Do a little research before customizing the theme. To go to the editor of your website, after visiting the address of your website, hit / enter wp-admin and enter the login details.

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