Best 5 Ways To Apply Liquid Eyeliner For The Beginners

Who does not love beautiful dramatic, perfectly drawn eyes? Several girls start wearing eyeliner from a very early age. And some of the girls start wearing eyeliner in the mature stage. But for every woman, the first steps are very troubling, and numerous girls are getting problems with their swatting fingers and tense shaking hands.

These all problems are solving and getting fade away as you are becoming more experienced with eyeliner drawings. Your experience eventually makes you a master in eyeliner drawing. Only you have to keep some patience.

So let’s start with liquid eyeliner; hence the liquid eyeliners are the best eyeliners for beginners. If you are a beginner in eyeliner wearing, then always start your first step with liquid eyeliner, gel, and pencil liners for experienced girls.

So, let’s discuss how to apply liquid eyeliner without wasting any time.

How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner?

Most of the liquid eyeliners have small tips, and the brushes are small in size. The novice girls are always having problems with their shaking hands, and this smaller brusher gives you more control over the tip.

So let’s start with different types of eyeliner wearing, with liquid eyeliner for the beginners.

1.   Simple Eye Look:

A simple eye look is more associated with the regular simple thin line over the top of the eye. To achieve these easy looks, follow these simple steps:

  • Take a small amount of eyeliner in the brush and remove the excess.
  • Hold the eyeliner brush flat.
  • Start with the middle of the upper lid.
  • Slowly follow your upper lash line small strokes and first fill the inner corner of your lid.
  • Then slowly move your brush to the outer corner.
  • Draw the lines thin and simple.

2.   Connect The Dots:

Do you think an only child is connecting the dots to draw a picture? Not achieving the dramatic look connecting the dotted line is the most effective way to draw the eyeliner. Use a liner pen for it.

  • First, draw some dots on the top of your upper lids.
  • Follow your natural eyelid structure and draw the dots as close as possible to your lash line.
  • If you want a winged structure, then draw the dots at your out corner and maintain a straight line along with your lower corner.
  • Then simply connect these dots and achieve a bold, dramatic cat-eye look.
  • Use liquid eyeliner for connecting the dots if you feel comfortable; hence you can use liquid eyeliner to draw the dots.

3.   Small Love Triangle:

Girls always love winged eyeliner. But, to achieve this look, many women face challenges as the symmetric eyeliner drawing is a little bit challenging for beginners. But this dramatic eye look is the sexiest and bold attire.

So let’s start withdrawing a small triangle.

  • Take some transparent tapes or a small piece of sticking bandage.
  • Place it in the outer corner of your lid.
  • Maintain a straight line to your bottom lash line, and be careful not to harm your eyelashes.
  • Then confidently draw a flick.
  • And draw a second straight line from the top of your flicks towards the outer corner of your upper lid.
  • You are getting a small triangle shape. Fill it up and slowly fill up your upper lid’s inner corner.
  • Take some time to fully dry and remove the tape.

4.   Nude Colour Pencil Your Saver:

Liquid eyeliners are always the most effective for beginners as the liquid eyeliners are not required a second pass after one drawing. You can use the taping method for wearing any type of eye makeup along with it.

Without the taping, you can simply draw a flick from the out corner of your lid.

And add the line with the outer corner of your eyelash.

  • And you are getting a small triangle to draw the rest of your eyeliner.
  • Slowly fill up the corner triangles.
  • And then, connect your line with the top of the triangle and the middle of the eyelids.
  • If any wrong has happened or you are drawing any curved line, correct it with the nude color.
  • So when you are a beginner, then always carry a nude-colored pencil with you.
  • And make the corrections when required.

5.   Follow The Small lines :

Beginners can use small lines in the place of dots. These small lines are also helping you to draw the eyeliner more precisely.

  • First, start with the inner corner of the upper eyelids.
  • Then slowly draw the small stokes following your upper eyelids and the lash line.
  • Draw as close as possible to the eyelash.
  • Finish the small lines after creating a flick.
  • Then simply join these small strokes and achieve the dramatic cat-eye look.

Wrapping Up:

Liquid Eyeliner for The Beginners is always a matter of time and patience. Keep your mind calm and tense-free.  Be ready with the nude pencil and ear cleansing fresh buds to correct the error. Your error is the steps to make your goal achievable. After one month of regular practicing, you can wear the eyeliner with a single stroke, so be brave and keep practicing these simple five tips to draw a classy winged eyeliner.

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