How to get access back into your account when you have forgotten you Minecraft Password ?

minecraft password

If you are trying logging into your Minecraft Game Account and then you receive the error message saying “Login failed or Invalid username or password.”, this means that you’re using incorrect login information be it username or password. To learn more about this lets go through these attribute in in-depth to know about ?Login failed? issues. If you feel like changing your password, then you should also give a glimpse to the password change article. Finally when a technical error message appears when you try to log in to the launcher, then should visit our technical help resources for the best support help. 

Login Failed..! 

Users sometimes face experience issues accessing their accounts, and see the error message appearing on the screen which says “Login failed? or Invalid username or password”. Either of the three is a temporary issue that has been observed says the sources. This leads to constant waste of time and energy if you don?t have the proper knowledge and idea about these common issues so far. Even though attending multiples attempts would not turn out to work that need to be solved.   

 Sometimes users might want to change their password to something that haven’t been previously used.  Well we will come across this topic also with detailed information for the convenient of the users. (Note:  changing your password multiple times will not work out to resolve these issue.)

If multiple failed log in attempts are made at a time, then you might have to wait another 24 hours before the account can be authenticated again. Even though if your problem is still not resolved after 24 hours, then can contact customer support.

Forgot password and don?t have access to the original account email? 

 Well the Minecraft Technical Team has solution to this issue as well!!  For this particular problem users will need an alternate form of verification to ensure your ownership of the account. Among all the most helpful would be the user?s transaction ID received at the time of purchasing the game. Due to the policy of the ?Pogo Games? for account security reasons we can only assist the users in manually resetting the password at the most two times and on the third time users  will have to rely on resetting the password using the Recovery Email ID.

 This particular feature is only available in Mojang Minecraft Account which should be kept in mind and no other account recovery policy allows such special feature unlike Mojang. Which makes it a  unique featured. If having trouble with a Sony account, Microsoft account, Nintendo account or other accounts then you will need to contact their respective support channel as per the normal process so far.

 How To Reset (Mojang) Minecraft Password?? Hers?s the way below

Minecraft, one of the most popular games in the world which is ruling the gaming world for a long period. Most players changed their old Minecraft account to? the Mojang accounts to access large ecosystem of games. This is exactly when users forget their Minecraft password and need to go to the Mojang website to initiate the Majong password recovery process as detailed below.

Step-1: Visit the official website of the ?Majong games? where a logon-in section appears and then click on the ?Forgot password ?option visible on the screen and will be directed to another page.

Step-2:  Then a dialog box will appear where you will be asked to enter your Registered Email Id  and then select or click the ?Request Password Reset?.

Now in Next step you will be asked to enter your registered Email address you created at the time of creating ?Minecraft Account? and then proceed for the the Request Password Reset button that follows below:

Step-3: Now the instructions will be sent to your registered Email id and then just go through the steps that will appear on the screen to ?Reset Minecraft Password?.

Step 4: Now a password reset link will be sent to you Registerd  E-mail id where you will be given this option to change your password and can  then Reset your ?Minecraft Password?. Creat a new strong password keeping in mind the upper, lower case  with the special symbols and signs.

( NOTE: Hence your new password created and this should be kept safe and should avoid restting this again and  again as it can temporary or permanently block your account.)

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