Everything You Need to Know About STD Testing For Men

    std testing for men

    Anyone who is sexually active can get infected from sexually transmitted diseases at some point of time. Both men and women may encounter the same STDs and develop similar symptoms but they can be treated medically. So, are there any differences between men and women for STDs and testing? The answer is yes.

    How STD testing is different for men

    Men and women are at greater risk of getting all kinds of STDs. Due to their anatomy, women have higher risk of suffering from STDs when compared to men. It is quite easy for bacteria to develop in the vagina than the penis that may cause growth of bacterial STDs such as gonorrhea and chlamydia. 

    Men find it is easy to notice symptoms than women such as discharge. While women have discharge regularly and the consistency may change, the discharge in men may be an indicator that something is wrong in them. Thus, men should not depend on the symptoms to self-diagnose an STD, as most sexually transmitted diseases won?t show any symptoms. 

    Which STDs men should test for?

    Some STDs are common than others and you might feel that you do not have the chance of getting syphilis or HIV. It is always better to get tested on time and stay safe. As STDs usually remain inactive without any symptoms, it is quite easy for people to misidentify or not get the right treatment. STDs will not go away without treatment and may cause irreversible damage. Hence, men are highly susceptible to the same STDs than women.

    How STD tests can be performed on men?

    It is simple for men to get tested for STDs. The steps are the following:

    1. Select your preferred panel or test.
    2. Choose the most appropriate clinic according to your convenience.
    3. Go to the selected lab and get necessary tests done.
    4. See your results within 1-2 business days after being tested.

    Our tests require either blood or urine samples, however none of them will use penis swabs. There are some STD testing providers who need men to check for their bacterial STDs with the insertion of a small cotton swab into their penis tip. You do not have to fix an appointment with your selected STD check clinic in London to get tested and the visits usually require a few minutes only.

    What happens when the STD results are positive?

    If the test results are positive, our doctors will discuss with you about proper diagnosis and treatment. Unlike other doctors that you would like to visit, he will suggest the right treatment for positive results. He may even refer you to a specialist, if needed.  

    Many people don?t want to get tested due to the fear of positive result. However, ignoring an STD will only make things worse and most STDs can be easily treated.

    What happens when the STD results are negative?

    The negative STD test result means you are not infected with an STD, at present. Thus, all your worries and thoughts may be put at ease, however it is possible to get tested for STDs early that may give incorrect negative results.

    How often men need to get tested for STDs

    Men should get tested for STDs as they find it necessary to protect their health condition. There isn?t any testing schedule that will be applicable for everyone. It is suggested to get tested for every new partner you want to enjoy sex with.

    How often men who have sex with men (MSM) should get tested?

    MSM have higher risks of getting certain sexually transmitted diseases. Among those high-risk STDs are HIV and syphilis. Some behaviors are quite common with MSM and these are ignoring the use of condoms and anal sex that increase the chances of acquiring STDs to a great extent.?

    Moreover, having an STD like syphilis will increase the chances of contracting HIV if you are experience an outbreak. MSM need to consider getting tested often so that they may know their status, protect themselves and their partners, and quickly detect and treat other STDs in order to lessen the risks of HIV. 

    Thus, the straight men usually find it easy when it comes to STD test in London. They have lesser chances of acquiring bacterial STDs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea and if symptoms are present, men may notice sooner. If you have not been tested STDs or you have several sex partners, it is advised to get tested immediately.


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