What is love? How can you solve your love problem ?

The love is an abstract feeling. This feeling is very unique for every person. The English word love is said to be the plural of the Greek words “Agape” and “Eros”. This felling how it happens and when it happens one will never know it because it cannot be known by every person It is possible that you are in love with that person who really doesn’t like it. Basically love is such a feeling which has all types of emotions in it. In the field of love, many writers have a remarkable achievement.

Every person’s experience in is totally different for every person in this world. In love also there are many types are there. Which are as follows:-

  • Bonding
  • Compassionate love
  • Conjugal Love
  • Friend ship
  • Love at first sight

These were some types of love. If you don’t know about this kind of love then it is described below :-

Bonding :-

This kind of love is between the family-like between brother or brother and sister or brother or with any other family member. This love is a very different kind of love.

Compassionate love

This love made with respect, care, and trust. This concept of love was developed by psychologist “Elaine Hatfield”. This love is more dependent on trust while the passionate is more physically and sexually love. This love is having more time span then passionate love.

Conjugal Love

This love is after the marriage means between the husband and wife. The marriage is compulsory for this kind of love.

Friend ship

This love doesn’t contain any physical or sexual love because this love is from a mutual understanding of both people. In this state, both are just friends.

Love at first sight

This kind of love is very rare but this still exists. In this kind of love, they fall in love by just watching the person for the first time only in this love don’t need to talk to each other.

This is such a feeling which cannot be described in morpheme. Love cannot be only these types but they too many other types also. According to Taylor Swift

“We should love, not fall in love, because everything that falls, gets broken.”

This was about love now what kind conflicts arises in love is described below

There are some common love problems now a day’s which are as follows :-

Infidelity :-

The problem of infidelity is common now a day because finding true love at this time has become nearly or totally impossible to find. So, due to infidelity, there is a clash in the relationship.

Intimacy :-

The intimacy is such a stage in which the people are too close. When someone is in relation to someone and if anyone gets too close to someone else, then they’re due to feeling of distrust the conflict arises and there is a problem in the perfect love relationship.

Conflict :-

The conflicts are a normal part of any relationship. But, due to this stressful life the conflict rises too much, and when it crosses the limit. Then there is the end of the perfect relationship.

Communication :-

Communication is the base of every kind of relationship. When you stop the conversation that means it is indirectly the end of the relationship because no relation can last for a long time without communication.

These were some common problems due to which your relation can come into danger. But, there are some precautions which you can take to save your relationship. The first and last step is the help of astrology to save your relation you have to find any love problem solution specialist astrologer to save your relation if you are in search in that kind of astrologer then this love problem solution specialist . The astrologer is perfect for and he is having no consulting fee.

He will cast such a powerful love spells that your love will come back to you in 4 hours of casting the spell. Because he knows when you love someone, then his / her presence would like halo to you.

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