How Should You Clean a Dirty Range Hood?

Every household has one thing in common. It likes to keep its kitchen clean and spotless. A kitchen is the most important part of a house, it is where food is prepared for all the members of the family. It is adorned with all forms of utensils and food items that are needed during cooking. It is one of those most essential items for all modern kitchens now. There are different range hoods like the island range hoods and the cabinet range hoods, depending on your exact kitchen need you can buy them.

What Is a Range Hood?

A range hood is commonly made of stainless steel and comprises a built-in mechanical fan that fits right over the stove to suck in the various odours, grease, and most importantly any sort of air pollutants that are released in the kitchen during cooking. Then it filters that air and throws it outside, thereby leaving the kitchen air fresh and clean. These stainless-steel range hoods should be well taken care of and their maintenance should be a top priority. 

stainless-steel range hood

There are several ways in which this stainless-steel range hood can be cleaned, so its efficiency does not get affected and it works properly to remove all the harmful gases from the kitchen-

  • The first and one of the most important steps of cleaning a stainless-steel range hood is that you wipe it outside. Due to regular usage, there is much dirt and grime on the range hood, and hence, you can use either a clear jet of cold water or else a sprinkler of hot water. This can be done by using an anti-grease detergent and mixing it with warm water, then using a cloth to wipe the exterior to get all the dust and grease out. 
  • Then reach down to the inside of the range hood where the vents are founds. This area gets especially dark and can be difficult to clean.
  • For this, use a mixture of baking soda and warm water and instead of a cloth, switch to a scrubbing brush or cloth. Proper drying after the entire cleaning process is done, is important.
  • Next comes the filter! It is the most essential part of a stainless-steel range hood. The filter is the part that cleans out all the gases leaving behind the filtrate that gets stuck on its surface. So, for this step, you need to pull out the filtrate carefully from its socket. Soak the filter in it for about twenty-five minutes and watch how the impurities slowly and gradually get detached from its surface. You need to check the filter and the ways of cleaning the filter. If the clogging is too hard, then you can go for hiring the best range hood specialists.
  • The next step involves rinsing the filter and then drying it, so it can be installed back in its position. Be careful of the warm water that you used in the previous step and take it out from the mixture. Use a de-grease brush to drop the extra impurities and then, carefully put the filter back in its position. 

 In just four easy steps your range hood will look as good as new. You do not even need to spend a lot of money on hiring a professional to do this easy task for you. You are enough!

Make sure to clean your range hood periodically, keep checking the filters and notice if it is still working efficiently or if all the pores of the filter got clumped with the impurities. Don’t wait for months to get your stainless-steel range hood cleaned, as it is the most important part of a kitchen and taking it for granted might be detrimental to your health. 

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