How can I record my kid?s mobile calls?

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    Cellphone devices over the years have served mankind to the fullest, but at the same time, we have created a mess for our young generation. The mistake of providing young slot separate mobile devices is creating plenty of parental concerns. There are plenty of vulnerabilities are associated with the children’s mobile activities connected to the internet. Therefore, parents want to monitor the activities of children on mobile devices including incoming and outgoing calls. All you need to do is to get your hands on the cell phone monitoring software. Let?s get to know about it first.

    What is the OgyMogy cell phone tracking app?

    It is the best call recording software in the business over the last decade. You can use it for the safety of the children obsessed with mobile phone devices and you can track your employee?s mobile activities in working hours to make a check on employee?s activities. In addition to that, you can install cell phone surveillance software on the target device and use its online dashboard to use its powerful features. Moreover, you can upload the monitored information from the target device. Users can use the features likewise call recording, screen recorder, IM?s logs, IM?s VoIP calls recording, screenshots, GPS location tracking, email tracking, surround recording, read messages, remote monitoring, browsing activities, and plenty of others alike.


    Cell phone call recorder is the best tool that you can use on all the contemporary mobile phones and tablets running with Android OS devices up to version 10 and above. However, you can track live calls on a cellphone without knowing the target person.

    How to install mobile phone tracking software to record kid?s phone calls? 

    First of all, you need to visit the official webpage of OgyMogy cellphone tracking software. Moreover, you can need to subscribe to it. Once you have got the subscription you will get the license alongside the credentials in terms of password and ID via email. In addition to that, you need to get physical access on the target device, and once you have it then instantly start the process of installation. When you have ended up with the process of installation then you need to activate it on the target device. 

    Furthermore, use the credential that you have got at the time of subscription and use it to activate the online web portal. Furthermore, get access to its powerful features that empower you to track all the activities happened on the target device including live cellphone calls. Let?s get to know about all the features.

    Use OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software powerful Features 

    Call recording

    Use the online web portal and get access to the target mobile device where you can activate the secret call recorder software. It empowers you to record live incoming and outgoing calls and then save the data of the call recording to the online dashboard.

    Live screen recording

    Users can remotely get access to the target mobile using a web control panel and activate screen recorder software. It certainly starts making short back to back videos of the screen and send to the dashboard. You can see the videos and get to know call logs, browsing activities, social media logs, text messages, and many others alike.

    IM?s logs

    Users can get access to the online dashboard and ingress to target mobile devices installed on social media apps. You can get the logs of the entire instant messaging apps likewise text messages, chats conversations, audio-video calls, multimedia sharing, and voice messages.

    GPS location tracking

    Users can monitor or track the live GPS location of the target cellphone device and using GPS location tracker software. Moreover, you can track location history, weekly location history, and further you can make safe and restricted areas.


    Use the online dashboard and schedule plenty of screenshots at once and send it to the target device.

    Remote surveillance

    You can remotely get access to the online dashboard and further you can view installed applications, remotely block text messages, incoming calls, and last but not the least block the internet access on the target device.


    OgyMogy cellphone tracking software is the best tool for parents that empower you to record live mobile calls on the target device. 


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