5 Reasons I Believe My Business Will Survive COVID-19

    business survived during pandemic

    Since the coronavirus outbreak has completely left all the business devastated. It is one of the most crucial time for every one of us because facing this pandemic and being lock downed at home is not easy. The virus has made the world economy bend down to knees and the businesses have been massively hit by the pandemic.

    Number of companies have gone into work from home mode. The unemployment ratio has reached to the highest number of unemployed people in the history. Everyone is having his own story to tell and the financial cringes of every family are different. The home-based and other online business are right now a very good option.

    This virus has the entire world on their toes. It is surely an understatement to say this is not exactly the best time to own a business.  But let me tell you my story. I own a content creation startup where I create blog posts, videos and graphic designs as per the requirement of the customer. I also had launched a YouTube channel 3 years ago, it now has 758 K subscribers in total. I have around 452.3 K followers on my public profile of Instagram and 583 K followers on Facebook page where I use to connect with my fan family.

    I usually monetize with the ads, online courses, and information partnership program. Everybody is right now just being at home and is watching the content. In this way, my videos are also being watched and I am getting paid for it. You will surely feel shock that last month, I earned more than what I spent. The reason is my business and content creation is reaching a wide number of audience. And during this lockdown people are just staying at home and watching the content at home.

    My business has also flourished during the pandemic more than ever. Here are the 5 reasons due to which my business survived during the pandemic.

    1. Different Revenue Streams:

    Working on different platforms is easier and you will feel pretty sure about not getting a call off. When I had started my content writing skills, I was pretty terrified. I used to get scared, that if the content creation platform would call it a day someday? Then I started working over other platforms and thought to become a vlogger and started making vlogs for my YouTube channel and then I reached a number of audience in the span of 3 years.

    2. Low Costs:

    I assure you, that most of our problems are because of our lifestyle. When I started working, I realized what money making is and how hard it is to make the money. Since then, I started keeping my needs and luxuries behind my work. I don?t have any employees for my work and the burden on my shoulder is carry able enough. Try to keep your costs very low and concentrate on firming your foundations first.

    3. People Are Watching The Content Whole Day:

    TikTok is being the most widely used application in the world during lockdown. And people are giving them a good watch. I prefer to make up a good and informational content for the audience. Because what everyone is doing at their homes? Obviously, they are just consuming the content. British assignment help also stated that this is the best time to produce an amazing content and drag a huge traffic to your channel. YouTube has broken almost all the records and is right now one of the largest video streaming channel.

    4. Setup New Business:

    I am also working for my WordPress site and will make it live sooner or later. Not decided yet. I am planning to start a side business so it is one of the rarely gifted time. So starting working on your goals which will help in the future. But this is the high time to make a huge change in yourself. We all are sitting at home at and we must be doing something productive. We are right now having countless days to work over our sites and we have plenty of time to hustle for the success. Just do not lose hope and keep on working. Do not make excuses to yourself of doing it later

    5. Success Will Come With Practice:

    One thing which I learnt in the pandemic is ?Practice makes the men perfect?. I am continuously learning and investing my time to catch new concepts because success comes to those who struggle. Coronavirus pandemic is helping the small businesses to lift themselves up. You can start from scratch and I am sure you will succeed. The point is you must know how to work.

    The pandemic will surely end one day. It won?t stay forever. You must be ambitious and devoted toward your goals. Keep remember, you must bet on the jockey, not the horse.

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