How Long Does a Roadworthy Certificate Last in Victoria?

Roadworthy Certificate

A Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) is necessary for anyone looking to re-register or sell a car. It lasts for 30 days from the day of the issue in the state of Victoria. During this time, you can transfer your vehicle’s ownership or apply for its registration. The traffic authority of the state, VicRoads, has also made this certification mandatory for every vehicle.

So, let’s understand it further, what exactly is this certificate for and how would you get it for your vehicle?

What is a Roadworthy Certificate and how can I Obtain it?

While applying for a roadworthy certificate, an authorised personchecks if all the crucial parts of a vehicle meet certain safety and quality standards. If a vehicle does, it gets certified immediately. On the other hand, if a car fails to meet the criteria, it is given a grace period of 14 days.

During this time, the car owner can make all the necessary repairs and replacements to clear the test. Once the vehicle gets upgraded as per the standards, it can visit any VicRoads licensed tester for a re-inspection. This way, you can finally get a certification of roadworthiness.

Some Additional Information About Roadworthy Certificate

Let us have a look at some basics of a roadworthy certificates and its process. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions for your better understanding:

  • Can I check the status of roadworthy certificate online?

Yes, this process of issuing the certificate requires a strict physical inspection of your car and you must visit an auto repair centre. However, to check its status, you can visit the official website of relevant transport authority and get the information after entering the required details.

  • Who is responsible for issuing the roadworthy certificate in Victoria?

A VicRoad licensed auto centre can issue roadworthy certificates in Victoria. These are regular auto-repair centres that are responsible to conduct these tests and provide certification.

  • How much does an RWC cost in Victoria?

The inspection charge would not exceed $200- $250. However, the cost depends on different factors like age and condition and if your car requires repair or replacement services, it will cost you an additional amount.

  • Where can I get a roadworthy certificate for my vehicle?

You can visit any repair centre that provides a certificate of roadworthiness by performing standard checks and repairs. This certification must be obtained from a VicRoads licensed tester who checks, repairs, and certifies a vehicle all at once.

  • Isn’t the roadworthy certificate mandatory for all vehicles?

This certification is not required for newly purchased vehicles, trailers, or specially constructed four-wheelers such as bulldozers, earth diggers, excavators, etc.

  • What are the car parts checked for roadworthy certification?

When you apply for the roadworthiness certification, a thorough inspection of numerous parts is conducted. Here are some of the critical categories that would encompass:

  • Vehicle structure and chassis
  • Wheel alignment and tire condition
  • Steering, braking, and suspension system
  • Safety standards like seatbelts, blinkers, lights, reflectors, etc.
  • Engines, batteries, coolants, and other components are under the bonnet

So, if you are looking to get your car checked for roadworthiness, visit an authorised auto repair centre. At Victorian Roadworthy Centers, you can get this service from expert mechanics. Their staff will help you with your roadworthy certificate and guide you to make this process easy and hassle-free. Call on 1300 558 115 or email at to know more about how to obtain roadworthy certificates in Victoria.

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