How Insurance Can Protect Your Jewellery?

    jewellery insurance

    When you own precious jewellery pieces, you feel fortunate to be able to possess such a coveted collection. Your jewellery pieces might have been passed down to you as an heirloom by your parents or grandparents. Or you might have bought them from high-end jewellery outlets. You surely must be concerned about the safety of your treasured possession. You must have heard about jewellery valuation for insurance. That is your first step toward protecting your jewellery.

    You never know when any untoward incident like theft or fire will happen. But you should be prepared for such incidents. Just imagine, if you lose them or they get damaged, then what will happen? So, you need to be well prepared for jewellery claims.

    Jewellery Insurance

    It is always a great option to get a separate jewellery insurance policy. This will ensure that in case of any damage or theft, you can at least get adequately compensated. You can also opt for jewellery claim online. But before this, getting your jewellery appraised is very important.

    There are insurance companies that offer insurance for your wedding jewellery, engagement ring or luxury watch. In most cases, all your jewellery items together must not be more than a certain limit that has been set by the company.

    Another option can be the contents insurance policy. Both these policies will offer you cover inside your house and outside as well. Check with the insurance company for accidental damage and whether they will cover your jewellery when travelling abroad.

    You can choose any of the two options mentioned above, just make sure that your cover is proper. Also, don’t forget to cross check your contents insurance policy, so that you don’t end up paying twice for protecting your jewellery pieces.

    Jewellery Valuations

    If you want to receive adequate compensation, you must first get jewellery valuations done by a leading and trustworthy company like Prestige Valuations. Their expert team will give you a certified valuation document for each piece with all details about the jewellery mentioned in it. It will also have pictures of the item or items.

    This document will help you get the true worth of your jewellery from your insurance company at the time of filing the claim.

    In case you are busy, you can get your jewellery pieces appraised online in three simple hassle-free steps. Also, you can call the valuer at your home. Trust us, once you have the valuation certificate in your hand, you can have a sound sleep. You can stay assured that you would not be inadequately paid at the time of filing the claim. You know how important is your health insurance similarly, jewellery insurance is also essential to protect your prized possession.

    From buying the insurance policy to filing the claim, we have covered it all in this blog post. But remember, jewellery valuations is the most crucial step before you plan to get your insurance policy. If you have any queries about jewellery appraisal, let us know in the comments.


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