How Influencer Marketing Can Generate 10x Better Sales For Your NFT?

NFTs are an enormous sensation in today?s world. Bankless Times reports that nearly 12,000 NFT sales take place every day.

This also suggests that newly launched NFT products are in for a competitive race. One way to stand out in the ocean of non-fungible tokens is by investing in influencer marketing. Using influencers to reach the target audience is the most on-trend marketing strategy preferred by many brands today.

A compelling fact is that the global influencer market is valued at 16.4 billion dollars. With that in mind, let’s delve deeper into how to drive 10x more sales with influencer marketing.

What is NFT Influencer Marketing?

NFT influencer marketing?involves marketing non-fungible tokens to potential buyers and investors through different forms of content published on various social channels. These influencers can be traditional social creators or NFT experts with a substantial fan following.

These influencers carry a vast knowledge of NFTs, cryptos, and blockchain. They share this knowledge or information about any newly launched product with their audience. This, in turn, increases conversions for the NFT brand since more people are discovering and buying their NFTs.

Why Do Your NFTs Need Influencer Marketing?

Influencers in the NFT space play a special role in building organic engagement. It is a known fact that community building is the pivotal component to success in web3.

Influencers have a loyal community of their own and actively try to reach followers. As a result, they are the most effective tool for an NFT brand to spread the word about their project penetrating the dense competition.

Studies show that 27% of millennials and 56% of the Gen-Z population trust influencers more than anything. Their active participation in different social platforms further helps to drive increased visibility to your project.

How To Identify The Right NFT Influencer?

Now that we have discussed the effectiveness of NFT influencer marketing, it is time to find the right NFT influencer to promote your project. Since the options are so many, it is necessary to be critical to ensure driving the desired results.

Research The Market

As with any marketing campaign, the first step is researching. Scour the market for trustworthy NFT influencers with a considerable fan following. There are several steps in researching a potential influencer:

Check their web 3.0 knowledge by analyzing the content posted on social channels. The quality and density of information provided in their videos or posts will showcase their knowledge.

The next thing to look for in a potential influencer is experience. Consider the number of years they have been posting about NFTs. It would be an added advantage if they are early adopters of blockchain technology.

Lastly, consider the frequency at which the influencer posts. Consistent time intervals between each post indicate that they care about their audience and effectively try to retain their position as a thought leader.

Evaluate Their Posts

By this point, you will have three or four potential influencers to choose from. To further scrutinize the list, it is imperative to analyze their posts:

Start by evaluating the visual quality of their posts or videos. You should find out if they really invest time and resources to produce content that brings value to their followers. Even though subpar posts are acceptable, the clear lack of effort can be an alarming factor.

Next, examine the engagement rate of each post. The best NFT influencers tend to consistently rising numbers for likes, shares, comments, subscriptions, and mentions. You should steer clear of an NFT marketing influencer if their follower count and engagement rate proportion do not match. I.e this means that they have bot followers.

Finish this process by checking the type of NFT brands they collaborate with. Regular associations with some of the successful brands can be a clear sign of market authority. They are the ones that are trusted by leading NFT projects.

Pay Attention To the Budget

The most critical deciding factor of all is the budget. First, brands should set an initial marketing budget for their influencers. Scouting for the right influencer with a marketing budget makes the process much easier. It would be even better if the prices quoted by the influencer are negotiable.

However, in any given case, the budget should affect the expected ROI. The average return on investment that brands can expect from influencer marketing is $16 for $1. Hence, sort out the details in advance to avoid any problems later.

Top NFT Influencers of 2023

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the leading NFT influencers. His home ground is Twitter where he amassed 3.1 million followers. Its average engagement rate of Gary stands at 900 to 1000 likes and 50-150 retweets. He is also the CEO of Vaynermedia and created his own NFT collectibles called the VeeFriends.


Pranksy is a popular non-fungible token investor on web3. This collection boasts big names like NBA top shots, Hashdemons, Noob, and Art Blocks. He has 433k followers on Twitter with an average engagement rate of 80 to 100 likes and 20 to 50 retweets.


Murat Pak or simply Pak is a digital artist and investor with 377.8k followers on Twitter. The most notable artwork of Pak is ?The Merge? that has been sold for $91.8 million in 2021. His posts carry average likes of 60 to 130 and 10 to 50 retweets.

Crypto Cita

Crypto Cita is one of the fastest-growing influencers on this list. The profile carries more than 700,000 followers on TikTok. Crypto Cita also has an Instagram account with 37.2k followers. On average this influencer gets more than 1000 likes on each post.

Greg Mike

Greg Mike is a digital artist/ influencer with 203k followers on Instagram. His project named MAD CAN NFT garner widespread attention across the NFT space. His posts carry 1000 to 4000 likes on each post.


TheNiFTyInvestor is one of the top NFT content creators on Twitter and Instagram. He has more than 29k followers on Instagram. He offers content related to beginner guides and market predictions to his followers. His posts carry an average of 300 to 500 likes.


CryptoWendyO started posting crypto-related content in 2018. She also hosts events regularly to educate people about Cryptos and NFTs. She has more than 37k followers on Instagram. Her posts carry 100 to 300 average likes.

Blockchain Boy

Lucas Dimos or the Blockchain Boy is a leading crypto content creator. He has 13.6k followers on Instagram. He also shares his social presence on Twitter by regularly sharing content about NFTs, cryptos, and market insights.

Influencer Marketing to Generate 10x More Sales

NFT influencer marketing can be a surefire way to promote your newly launched NFT project to buyers and investors across the Web 3 space. The unique content creation skills of influencers combined with their ability to drive conversions from their audience can prove invaluable for your brand to scale across the competitive market.

The best option to find the right for your project at the right budget is working with an NFT influencer marketing agency.

EON8 is one of the world?s leading NFT influencer marketing agencies?that is consistently producing highly effective marketing campaigns for their clients. You can reach them to drive 10x better sales for your NFT project.

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