Have you ever been excited after seeing a fortune teller? We believe or not, but we want to listen them regarding what�s going to be in our future. Guess what if you know about your health prediction, how excited it would be. Your disease will be in your control and so do your future.

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Unfortunately, no fortune teller can say how your health is going to be in future but yes, your genes or DNA can.


Genes are like messenger present inside each cell of your body. As per the best nutritionist in Bangalore, they code and decode the process going inside your body. Now imagine what if we decode genes only, we can figure out easily what problems or relief it�s going to give.� Indeed, all that could be within reach in the present specialized period. For certain individuals, alleviation from vulnerability is vital, regardless of whether the news is terrible. Furthermore, if the news is acceptable, like a gentle anticipation, it can mean a huge liberating sensation.


Genetic Testing or DNA Testing is a kind of test which is developed to analyze your DNA and diagnose various conditions.

Various kinds of body liquids and tissues can be utilized in hereditary testing. For deoxyribonucleic corrosive (DNA) screening, just an extremely smidgen of blood, skin, bone, spit or other tissue is required.


Some of the benefits of genetic testing:

  • Hereditary test can give valuable data when wanting to future kids. On the off chance that you know you and your accomplice are at high danger of having a kid with a hereditary condition, it could be feasible to test the unborn youngster during pregnancy to check whether it is influenced.
  • You can without much of a stretch know whether you have an expanded danger of having a kid with a hereditary condition may offer you the chance to be all the more intellectually and essentially arranged.
  • It allows you to know about how is your tendency toward various mineral, vitamins, macro nutrition consumption effect.
  • For a sports person, it can be used to know their genetic capability of power and endurance.
  • Commonly, hereditary conditions run in families, data about your hereditary cosmetics may be helpful to other relatives. 
  • You will acquire inside and out information about different medical issue.

It will be easy for you to take decisions regarding medical, diet and lifestyle changes if needed. Now, major lifestyle change we prefer to modify diet and physical activity. Imagine now you know about your genetic tendency, now you can modify your diet, exercise according to that and prevent many diseases.


  • Pre implantation genetic diagnosis
  • Prenatal Testing
  • Carrier testing
  • Predictive genetic testing
  • Diagnosis genetic testing
  • Pharmacogenetic testing


  • Subsequent to doing hereditary test, sitting tight for the outcomes, and afterward getting them may cause a scope of blended feelings like help, dread, tension or blame. 
  • Many times, for some genetic conditions, no treatments are available.
  • So results may return inconclusive or uncertain.
  • Testing does not eliminate risk of various diseases, it may only help to keep that in control.

Now we can modify diet, lifestyle with genetic testing but In future, we may also able to develop personalized medicine based on genetic testing.

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