How FASTag will help your fleet business in the long run

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FASTag, an electronic toll collection model formulated by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), is the latest move made by the government in order to render India a cashless nation. The concept of FASTag works on automatic deduction of toll payment at toll plazas located on all national and state highways in the country. FASTag is a simple tag that is affixed on the windscreen of the vehicle, and as it passes through the dedicated FASTag toll lane, the toll tax is automatically deducted from the prepaid account linked with it. This deduction is made with the help of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology as used in high security registration plates (HSRP) to capture vehicle data. Apart from making toll payments cashless, this move has also come up to facilitate seamless and non-stop movement through toll booths.

FASTag is a boon, when it comes to the transportation industry and business owners that deal in freightage. This tag has a validity of 5 years after purchase, and only needs to be recharged with amount on the basis of the vehicle?s frequency of movement through toll plazas. This program has been successfully implemented across 450 toll plazas across the country and is gaining stead as we speak.

As mentioned before, this tag has come as a blessing for fleet businesses in India. Some of the ways that FASTag will help your fleet business in the long run are:

1. It will cut down on delays and make deliveries faster

Since there is no need for trucks plying on highways to stop at toll booths to make payments, spend time exchanging money and receipts with the toll booth attendants, FASTag online recharge will save a lot of time for truckers. This means that delivery deadlines will be met faster and fleet owners will gather a lot of happy and satisfied customers.

2. It ensures hassle free top ups

FASTags can be recharged very easily, all with the help of the internet. Fleet owners do not have to go anywhere to top up their FASTags. You can simply opt for any option such as debit cards, credit cards, NEFT/RTGS or net banking in order to recharge any number of FASTags you may have.

3. It will create transparency in transactions between fleet owners and their employees

Since FASTag keeps an electronic account of each deduction that is made, and SMS notifications and alerts are sent to the registered mobile number as soon as a toll payment is made, the fleet owners can be assured that their money is not being misused by their employees at any time. Moreover, with talks going on of integrating FASTags with fuel purchase capabilities, it will make it all the more easier for fleet owners to manage their transportation and business expenses, without the hassle of checking through paper receipts.

4. It will subject you to numerous benefits, like cashbacks and fuel savings

Since there are many banks and other providers from where you can get FASTags for your fleet such as ICICI Bank FASTag, they offer many schemes, such as cashbacks, that can save your costs significantly and can actually add to your profit margins. Moreover, since non-stop movement will be observed by your vehicles, this will also end up saving a lot of fuel costs incurred by you in the long run.

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