How Ethernet is driving technology in cars?

driving technology

The world is changing. The things we could never even think of are there in front of our eyes today. All of us have seen a journey from manual to digital and are approaching robotic technology ahead. All of us are very lucky to be born in a century that is a bridge between manual work and robotic technology, being able to see how things have changed and then getting first-hand experience of the things currently changing and looking forward to new technological advancements ahead.  The Internet has been a game-changer all this time. It has become a basic need for everyone. Every industry is working on bringing internet connectivity into their products. The automotive industry has changed the process of building cars and is working towards bringing internet connectivity to their cars. Automotive connectivity is a new demand of customers and this will be made possible by Ethernet technology.

Ethernet in automobiles:

The connected car is a new phenomenon that people are talking about. The automotive electronics industry is growing and this growth has increased the use of Bluetooth kits immensely. Now this industry is looking for increased bandwidth and a network that connects the car?s components over cables. Ethernet technology is the best one to be used for this purpose. This technology builds a physical network that easily connects the components of cars and fulfills the bandwidth and latency requirements with effective network management. Synchronization is also a benefit provided by this technology. These are the reasons why the automotive industry is thinking about making Ethernet the new standard for cars. Nobody knew a single twisted pair of cables could do wonders until people started using it in providing internet access. We would like to tell you about a few benefits that Ethernet technology would give when used in cars. Read about them below.

What are the benefits of using Ethernet technology in Cars?

Provides Fast data transfer:

We see more machines than humans today. This is a line we have heard many times in these past few years. The word machine here doesn?t refer to the actual machines but human beings only. It tells us the reality that human beings are in a race of earning money and that?s why they are just working without even thinking about their mental and physical health. Everyone is in a hurry and are always in search of a kind of technology that makes their work done fast. Now you must be thinking about what the above explanation has to do with an Ethernet cable. In a world of fast-moving things, why would not people want fast data transfer? Ethernet cables are known for providing fast data transfer. Using Ethernet wiring in a car makes the data transfer faster than you think. This is also one of the reasons why the automobile industry is thinking about bringing Ethernet in cars.

Doesn?t overburdens:

All of us are surrounded by technology whether we go to any corner of the world. Technology was introduced to us to make our lives easy and trust me whatever demerits you read regarding it on the internet, it still remains to be the world changer. By the term world changer I mean it gave the people a new approach to live and enjoy their life. One common benefit that technology brought in our lives was making equipment less heavy or say lighter. Ethernet is also one of the technological advancements made in the past few years. The use of Ethernet in cars gives you the benefit of reducing the overall weight of the car. But how? A single twisted pair of an Ethernet cable either it is a Cat6 plenum cable or any other one is enough to deliver data at good Mbps. This cable will make the data transfer over a single pair only and hence saving your car from being overburdened.

Cheaper option:

Many industries and businesses have been launched in these past few years. Every business revolves around the motive of making profits. These businesses work very hard to attract customers to their products and get the targeted amount of profit for their company. Now the question is what makes a customer approach your product? That thing is value for money. A person will prefer buying a product that is good in quality and cheap in price. The automobile industry also works with this strategy in its head. Ethernet is the technology that is doing wonders for this industry regarding this strategy. A good amount of cost of cabling can be saved if Ethernet is used in cars. One single twisted pair of Ethernet is enough and this is the reason why you don?t need to spend much on the cables.


You must have heard this word several times in the world of technology especially when cables are what people are talking about. Before going into the details I would like to explain the meaning of this word. Adaptable means being able to adjust to new conditions. Installation of cables is a thing we have seen everywhere and by everywhere I refer to all the harsh conditions too. This is the reason why a cable should have adaptability in it. Ethernet cables are the most adaptable cables you could use. A car being driven in any condition can easily be tolerated by the Ethernet cables. The Ethernet networking is more versatile than other ones and will prove to be very beneficial for the cars and automobile industry in terms of technology.

The time is not far when you will see more than 50% of the cars being electrical and connected cars. The use of Ethernet technology in cars will change the whole outlook of the automobile industry. Ethernet cables will be able to provide the most important and useful benefit of internet connectivity in the car. All of us cannot wait till the time this Ethernet technology is finally adopted by the automotive industry until then let?s think, analyze and appreciate the benefits of this technology. What are your views about it? Do give it a thought.

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