How does a Rehab Center Help Drug Addicts?

Magnitude of Substance Use in India

Seeing a friend or loved one battling against drug addiction is painful. Often, ignoring drug addiction may seem an easier solution; but in reality, it is definitely not. However, veiling the issue may damage the life of the drug addicts and their families and relatives. 

According to the?Magnitude of Substance Use?in India Survey, the estimated intake of opioid in India is remarkably higher than the “global and Asian average,” while the global average is 0.7% for 15 to 65 years and Asia’s average is 0.46% for the same age group, India’s average is 2.06% for 10 to 75 years.?

The outbreak of the pandemic followed by the lockdown has further deteriorated the situation. Unemployment, anxiety, detachment from family and friends have led many people to addiction.

Magnitude of Substance Use in India

Therefore, it is important to come forward to help the addicts return to their normal life. A caring and trusted?rehabilitation center?can enable an individual to go out of the grip of the curse, drug addiction.

For a family, sending a loved one to rehab is an onerous decision, but this decision would end up being the best thing to help the addicted individual in the near future.

Drug rehab centers help the addicts in various ways. Some of these most effective ways that can assist with addiction recovery have been discussed below.

Slitting the influence

When an individual is trapped in drug addiction, his/her main goal is how to get more every day. Drug addicts cannot refute the influence of drugs, which gives them a feeling of normalcy.

The first step of a drug rehabilitation program is to help the addict cut off the influence of the drug. Craving the drug will not go overnight, but with the use of counseling and therapies, it is possible to eliminate it gradually.

Sometimes, detoxification is applied to cope with the problems caused by any harmful withdrawals. When the addicts come out of the drug influence, they would experience many things.

First, they would experience an influx of various emotions that the drug usage might have repealed. In the next level, they would be able to think more clearly. 

Educating about the harmful impacts of the addiction

Education is another way to help people struggling with drug addiction. Most addicts are unaware of the fact what their addiction is doing to them. The habit of drug abuse can hurt the brain and the body.

Part of the addiction treatment process aims at making the addicts aware of the consequences. The rehabilitation center should also educate the addicts about addiction recovery.

Counseling or providing therapy

This is perhaps the most effective technique of a drug rehabilitation program. Many reasons can be there behind drug abuse. Counseling helps the therapists or caregivers learn what made the addict choose this path. Counseling and therapies can be provided in different forms and types, and effective treatment should always confluence other science-backed techniques.

Prescribing long-term solutions

Drug recovery needs time. It is a recovery process that can be too hard to handle without the right plan and direction. The residential stay treatment can provide only a temporary result while treatment at a rehabilitation center proffers long-term solutions.

Bottom Line

Drug treatment processes have changed a lot in the last couple of years. Earlier, extreme cases were treated in hospitals.

But now, such treatments are provided in rehabilitation centers, and these centers try bet an effort to give the patients a home-like comfortable environment. This kind of supportive environment helps the patients feel that they are not alone.

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