How Does App Store Optimization Work?

app store optimization

App Store Optimization is all about making your app appear in front of the right audience for downloads. Just like SEO, where you need to work on different SEO strategies to make your web appear in the top search engine result page, you need to work on your app ranking status as well. Apps are ranked in the play stores, Google Play Store, or iOS. There are different methods to rank your app in the first five app results. These will be discussed below.

  1. App Name
  2. App Description
  3. Ratings and Reviews
  4. Adding Screenshots

App Name:

Selecting an app name is not a difficult task but it needs a strategic approach as well. If you are planning to market your newly developed app, you need to conduct keyword research first. 

A keyword is a word or title that users usually type in while searching for apps in the play store. It is important to identify your target market, their needs, their search terms, your app type, functions, and its category. It then becomes easy to make an impressive and ranking app name.

App store optimization involves using a keyword in your app name as well. However, it should be remembered that there is a limited number of characters allocated for the app title section. Google Play Store has 50 characters and Apple Store provides 30 characters for App title. Therefore, adjusting your keyword accordingly will have a huge impact on ranking your app in the play store.

App Description:

Many users find it easy to know more about the app using app descriptions. However, many do not bother reading it. For app store optimization (ASO) purposes it is recommended to use this space wisely. 

Almost 4000 characters are allocated for app descriptions. This indicates that you have a greater potential to include your keywords in this section. Many people do not realize the importance of this section and include keywords without sentence construction. This kind of approach is not recommended.

The app description should be scripted wisely and the relevant keywords should be adjusted in the form of sentences that provide value to the readers. It is better to take assistance from a leading app store optimization agency that can write influencing descriptions that aids in app ranking as well. You can also use different emojis, phrases, pointers, or bullets to make it easy to read.

Ratings and Reviews:

Getting people to review your app is the most influential source of gaining more customers. Research indicates that almost 80% of mobile users read a review before downloading an app. If your app has gained a lot of positive reviews and has obtained a good rating as well, there are more chances of conversion.

This approach also works for app store optimization. The more positive and recent reviews your app is getting, the better are the chances of ranking on the top results. Play stores support such apps that are reviewed and rated positively. It means that the app is serving its purpose and the promise is fulfilled. This helps in app relevancy as well. To boost your app ratings and reviews, you can ask your users as well. But there are certain limitations to be remembered. You can not force them to review it immediately.

Adding Screenshots:

While making your app appealing to your users, you need to add certain images as well. These images can be added below your app description where it can be easily viewed by the users. Adding images do not directly impact in-app rankings, but they impact your app?s perception.

For instance, adding an image of your app overview and its functions will help people understand its dynamics. Many people see screenshots and videos before downloading big apps. It helps them in identifying the services provided by the app, the user interface, and the graphics used.

This is considered the best tool for converting your audience into potential users. However, the quality of images or screenshot added should be persistent with your app?s functions. 

Furthermore, you can promote your app in different regions as well. This process is known as localization. It means that you make your app available for different localities in their respective languages. 

Assume, you have developed a free video editing app for Toronto and want to market it internationally. It does not mean you have to develop a new app for international markets but you can easily get it translated in those languages as it is. This can be done by hiring an app store optimization services in Toronto. The service providers have the right capacity and expertise to facilitate such developmental changes as they work for it.


App store optimization is the marketing process for your apps. There are 5 million apps available in both play stores. It is nearly impossible to rank your app in the top results to get it downloaded. You need to optimize it for better results. You can do so by hiring an ASO agency that has the right tools, expertise, and capacity to produce positive results. This will help you get ranked and downloaded by your right target audience in a little time.

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