How Do You Save When Delivering Packages Abroad?

    worldwide shipping services

    Looking to send a package abroad? As a business owner, couriers are probably one of the most expensive things you deal with. Thankfully, there are many ways you can keep delivery fees under control. We?ve discussed everything about them below. Why don?t you read ahead?

    Who are you Working With?

    Different delivery companies charge different fees. You?re advised to look around, as you wouldn?t be stuck with someone who charges more than competitors. You?d find that smaller couriers charge lower fees ? they have larger brands to compete with.

    Don?t be too cheap with the charges, though. You might find yourself working with someone that doesn?t provide quality service.

    Go for Slower Delivery

    When sending the package, you have two speed options. You could get it delivered ASAP or more slowly. When going the slower route, you?ll be saving cash. But the package might get lost. And you probably wouldn?t get very extensive tracking. This is something you have to decide is worth it or not.

    worldwide shipping services

    When the parcel has to get to its location fast, the delivery company would be willing to pick it up immediately. When going the slower route, you might have to wait a couple or days for them to pick it up. And then the trip to the location would take a while as well.

    Are You Working with A Freight Forwarder?

    If you?re running a business, you?re better off working with a freight forwarder than a courier directly. There are many benefits of doing so, but the one that you would be the most interested in would be the lower costs.

    Freight forwarders offer worldwide shipping services, sending goods in bulk. This lets them lower the cost of shipping, which subsequently lets customers save too. Of course, different forwarders charge different amounts. A quick search online would help you find the most affordable ones.

    Deliver in Bulk

    Speaking of goods being sent in bulk, you could save by doing this. The delivery company would give you a discounted rate. It might not be a lot, but it?s definitely something.

    What Type of Package Are You Sending?

    The heavier the item is, the more you?ll be spending to send it. Why not send alternatives that are lighter instead?

    Something that also influences the weight of a parcel would be the packaging used. Envelopes are much lighter than boxes. To purchase a box, you?d have to pay more than an envelope too. This is especially true if it?s made from a more durable material.

    How Extensive Is the Insurance?

    Couriers make you insure items, which is especially true if they?re valuable. But do you really need to purchase super extensive coverage? It?d cost a lot and would be unnecessary.

    What did you think about everything we ran through? Delivering packages abroad can be expensive. But as you saw from our list, there are many things that you can do to keep the costs low. The best would be to work with a freight forwarding company instead of a courier directly. Make sure to choose the packaging wisely too.


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