How do You Make Charleston Fun?


Charleston is more than a charming southern town. It is one of the country’s most important cities. It has stunning natural features, high-society living arrangements, and tonnes of delicious food. Spend some time in South Carolina’s capitol to realise exactly how good it is.

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1. The Schooner Pride

There’s too much water surrounding you to not go boating at least once. The Schooner Pride, which stands 84 feet tall, can accommodate the largest of 49 passengers at one time. It is like a sailboat from a dream or a novel, with its many masts. For two hours, you can set aside all other problems and enjoy the ebb and flow of the river. Any moment can be enhanced by being in the correct setting. The Schooner Pride adds to the enchantment of your South Carolina visit. Sail prices on the Schooner Pride vary according to experience.

2. The Spectator Hotel

The hotel sector in this city may appear to be with demonstrating how many excellent rooms one city can provide. The Spectator Hotel could as be dubbed “The Spectacular Hotel,” because that is exactly how its guests feel. Stay at The Spectator Hotel if you wish to feel completely at ease in your temporary house. Have you ever desired for the services of a butler? One is the Spectator Hotel. The Spectator Hotel gives you the utmost amount of enjoyment and pleasure.

3. John’s Island

John’s Island is a more rustic island, but it remains a stunning feature of the Charleston area. Angel Oak is the one thing you must see while visiting John’s Island. This tree is centuries old and has survived many natural disasters. Despite significant damage inflicted by a hurricane in the 1980s, Angel Oak has survived. John’s Island might be viewed as the icing on the cake that completes Charleston. You might come for Angel Oak, but you might stay for much longer because everything is so beautiful. This is a bit of paradise that never ends.

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4. Drayton Hall

Drayton Hall is another fascinating plantation to see. There’s also the house’s Palladian design, which is still considered a work of architectural beauty. The house has been well-maintained, and the surrounding countryside has retained its lushness. Tours offer a wide range of historical topics, from World War II to the African American experience. Drayton Hall has acquired the designation of a National Historic Landmark.

5. Poe’s Tavern

When you think of prominent Charleston inhabitants, you might not think of Edgar Allan Poe. But the famed poet was once a Sullivan’s Island poet. Poe’s Tavern, a terrific spot to grab a drink and a good bite to eat, honours his memory today. Poe’s Tavern features the kind of menu that will make you forget about your diet. The Angus Chuck burgers, which weigh half a pound, are the most popular item. 

6. The Ordinary

The Ordinary is a restaurant that may be criticised for being modest. Today, this is one of the top venues in Charleston to savour seafood. Take a seat at The Ordinary and prepare a fantastic lunch. The Ordinary’s high ceilings and magnificent oyster bar should impress you when you walk in. The menu is also divided into cold foods like pickled roe prawns and hot dishes like Caribbean fish stew. If you’re feeling very opulent, you can have caviar service. The Ordinary is one of the best spots to eat late at night in Charleston.

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