How Do I Get a Refund When Spirit Airlines Cancel My Flight?

spirit airlines cancellation policy

Spirit Airlines is a significant low-cost airline in the United States of America that touches 47 domestic and 28 international destinations with its fleet of almost 200 aircraft. However, travellers usually look for Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy to seek refunds or the most beneficial assistance from the airline. In this respect, this post will answer all your questions appropriately and will wipe out all your doubts.

First of all, let us clarify that the term ‘refund against flight cancellation’ contains two different aspects via – 

  • If you cancel a booked Spirit Airlines flight on your own 
  • If Spirit Airlines cancels your booked flight  

In both circumstances, the cancellation policy will be different. Let us understand both terms separately for better understanding. 

Reasons against Cancellation for a Refund with Spirit Airlines

Reasons for cancelling a flight would vary from person to person and situation to situation. However, some of the general reasons behind the cancellation are stated here under – 

  • Sudden personal health issues or a major family issue
  • Sudden health issues of a co-traveller
  • A sudden change in the prime reason for traveling 
  • A sudden change of the destination and the date of the journey both
  • The flight gets delayed or cancelled either due to technical issues or because of a bad weather

People usually search for Cancellation Policy Spirit Airlines against any of the situations. However, among 5 common reasons, there is only 1 for which the Airline is held responsible. Otherwise, all the 4 reasons belong to passengers.

What if Spirit Airlines flight delays or gets cancelled?

Regardless of the type/class of ticket you bought, if Spirit Airlines cancels your flight either due to bad weather or because of some technical error you shall be entitled to receive a full refund. According to the US Transport Department, the passenger shall be refunded the whole booking amount, only if, he/she doesn’t want to continue his/her journey by a different airline.

The refundable amount will be credited directly to the passenger’s bank account within 7 working days if the flight was booked by credit card, but if not so, the refund amount will be transferred within 20 working days.

What is Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Spirit Airlines doesn’t provide refundable tickets. All the tickets offered by this premier budget airline are low- priced non-refundable tickets. If the client cancels tickets also he/she has to pay a cancellation figure. Getting a refund is nearly insolvable, except in special circumstances. According to Spirit Flight Cancelation Policy, the refund option is available only when the ticket is cancelled within 24 hours of the original booking, or when the ticket isn’t used because of the death of a passenger, during or previous to the flight. 

According to Spirit Airlines 24-hour Flight Cancellation Policy, the complete booking amount is paid back in the original payment form. But, for this purpose, you must fulfil the following two crucial conditions – 

  • You should cancel your tickets right within 24-Hours of the actual booking
  • The actual date of traveling should be no less than 7 days 

In general terms, it means, suppose you simply booked a Spirit Airlines flight on 20th July at 8:00 PM and the date of traveling is 10th October. In this case, you need to cancel your flight on 21st July right before 7:59 PM. This way only you can get a full refund under the 24-Hours modify spirit airlines flight. Now, you may look for the cancellation process. 

Spirit Airlines Refund Process

Spirit Airlines, keep your convenience on top priority. So, you can contact Spirit Airlines through any of the following options – 

  • Spirit Airlines Official Website

Using your favourite browser, open Spirit Airlines’ official website and follow the following steps carefully.

  • Go to ‘Manage My Booking’
  • Choose to retrieve your flight booking
  • Now, click on ‘request a refund’
  • Provide the necessary details pertaining to your ticket in the appropriate boxes
  • Fill in your last name and flight reservation number in the right columns
  • Click on ‘Next’

If your ticket will be found eligible for a refund, your requisition would be accepted and processed further instantly. You will receive a message on your registered mobile number or a mail on your Email Id. 

  • By a Phone Call

It’s a very simple process. You need to call Spirit Airline’s Customer Assistance Department. Your call will be answered by automated IVR messages. You should listen to the instructions carefully and also you have to press the most correct button for the right option. Within a minute or two, a human voice will be there to assist you from the other end. Raise your concern lovingly and provide all the details of whatever is asked for. The cancellation of your booking will be done instantly.  Now, you can request him/her to initiate the refund process. You will get a new message on your registered mobile number. 

  • By an Email

This is again a different but easy way, according to Spirit Cancellation Policy, to seek refund. You just have to write a clear mail attaching all the necessary particulars, and scanned copies of relevant documents. Now just send it to the official mail Id. You will get a confirmation mail at the soonest. 


Spirit Airlines is a reputed airline that is committed to offering you the most comfortable air travel experience. According to frequent traveling passengers’ reviews the Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy is quite perfect in all aspects. However, you should be conscious while booking or cancelling Spirit Airlines flights. Experts suggest booking your flights always in advance to avoid unnecessary complications at the eleventh hour. 

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