How Conversational Bots are the Future of Ecommerce?

Looking for an ultimate solution to grasp a more customer base for your e-commerce business?

Would you like to cut the time and effort on CSS?

Are you wondering how a chatbot works in eCommerce?

If you need answers to those questions, it’s time to gear up and understand how conversational chatbot is leading eCommerce with a sparkling future.

One of the intimidating eCommerce trends is the exclusive blend of online shopping and messaging platforms – “Shopping chatbots”. The strategic model is named “Conversational Commerce” and is contributing to online shopping patterns.

Lack of connecting threads made the traditional shopping ways obsolete. Whereas connecting via messaging with a conversational ai bot improved the whole process. In today’s time, customers appreciate and prefer the new way to create a valuable experience for them during purchase.            

In this blog, we will deeply talk about the e-commerce chatbot and see how long they have come and where they’ll stand in the coming future.

The highly structured eCommerce market has become a necessity and is continually expanding. The unstoppable demand made it essential to maintain the smooth flow of services 24/7.

Soon, businesses realized that it isn’t possible to fulfill the prospects’ growing needs via old tactics. And that’s what made them switch to automation.

As a result, we now have a conversational bot that can augment customer-centric and customer-driven practices.

Bots Will Revolutionise Ecommerce

Whatever changes happen in the purchasing behavior and other factors such as the sales funnel will change the way we trade (buy and sell). The conversational ai bot will lead the way and search pages will be like -“Hello, how can we help?”-a personalized interface. You can see this happening already at “Shopify”.

Even, traditionally also buying and selling was done through conversation. Humans used to sell the idea and products from ages.

It’s just currently, technology is enabling the traditional ways to happen digitally, via messaging platforms like WeChat and Facebook.

Hence, a conversational chatbot is powered by AI ( Artificial intelligence )and NLP +Natural Language Processing), which learns your requirements in a structured way. The ultimate goal is to sell something and educate the audience in less time.

Helps with top of funnel conversions

There’s no doubt how incredibly conversational ai bot is serving the eCommerce industry with a massive bucket of benefits. With this, you can ultimately influence the purchasing decisions of your customers. You can offer a tailored experience of your website with the addition of on the spot chat that can help guide your users down the sales funnel.

Bots are like a pool of brand knowledge with which they can provide support via answering questions, recommending any suggesting more product options. You will be able to guide your audience from coming in till checking out.

Also, a conversational chatbot can also be designed to draw information from email marketing campaigns, cross-sell and upsell products, discounts offered (coupon codes) and so on.

By every conversation, they learn and get even smarter and deliver higher-quality interactions over time.

Amplifies marketing strategies

You must keep in mind while creating and programming your e-commerce chatbot i.e; it should act as per your considered marketing messages. You will have an immense capability to provide tailor-made push ads by your buyer personas.

You can also act as a prompt data analyst by gathering common data points and trends. It will help you capitalize on this information by making product or service adjustments for delivering more informative messages.

Some airlines allow customers to complete tasks like getting their boarding passes through their flight application. Through the creative use of conversational ai bot, they also provided quick recommendations like where to eat or where to get a hot coffee cup in the airport.

Businesses got into delivering more value rather than focusing on selling a product or service to their customers.

Manages your online store and Reduces customer service costs

Conversational bot not only interacts but can also be programmed to keep an eye on your inventory. And will tell you and your customers about the items which are out of stock. Similarly, it’ll also notify customers about the products they are looking for back in stock.

A website chatbot provides a helping hand that saves time, effort, and manages your E-Commerce store more precisely. One of the great examples is Facebook chat. Developers announced that through messenger and marketplace applications, Facebook could securely take a prospect’s payment information.

Fast, Reliable And Effective

Conversational ai chatbot members every single detail and consider relevant ones. One of the significant benefits is 24/7 availability and prompt responses. Some e-commerce businesses faced difficulties as they were unable to deliver instant and round the clock support. At the same time, competitors have started functioning with technology. To survive in the competitive marketplace, you need to adapt to changes as soon as possible.

An e-commerce chatbot answers all repetitive issues without any further delay. With impressive support and instant communication establishes a bond with the users. Also, it delivers a positive impact on your audience.

If AI-powered bots fail to address any issue, instantly direct the case to a live agent. Almost every website offers a review panel; with bots, you can actually understand the problems buyers are facing during the purchasing process.

An improvised platform for product comparison

E-Commerce websites offer filters to help users find the product they are looking for. As we already know, an effective way to engage and convey is one to one conversation. Loads of text on the screen confuse the buyer and don’t help much make a better purchase decision.

Whereas, ai bots help users in understanding the difference between products and which will fit the best as per their needs.

But giving minimal commands to the conversational bot allows a user to filter out product information, which ultimately makes the process easier.

Better at selling

A conversational chatbot is an expert in executing sales. They can sell more in less time. When you amalgamate an AI-powered ecommerce stores chatbot in business, it helps connect brands with people. It eventually raises engagement, and bots master the art of telling.

I’m today’s time, eCommerce businesses sell products and educate them about products and other trends related to their product base.

They incorporate multiple tools and deploy technology to formulate exclusive platforms for both buyers and themselves. This ultimately contributes to their sales funnel and collecting loads of leads, which can be potential customers.

Researchers Predicted e-commerce chatbot has a bright future.

Some of the significant researchers gave a glimpse of the bright future of chatbots in eCommerce. Let’s look at some of the statistics.

  • Business Insider research predicts 80% of businesses will implement chatbots by 2020.
  • MarketsandMarkets says the conversational bot market is expected to expand from USD 703 million in 2016 to USD 3,172 million by 2021.
  • 42% of businesses believe automation technologies in customer service, and eCommerce will improve them. – Business Insider
  • Businesses can save up to 30% on customer support services costs. – Invesco
  • Facebook Chatbots Guide says that live chat has a 73% satisfaction rate (Prospect to interact with brands).
  • Ubisend suggests- 21% of customers believe a conversational bot is the better way to communicate with the business.

Final Thoughts

Currently, eCommerce businesses are one of those industries that are always striving to delight their audience with a plethora of knowledge.

With time, they grasped opportunities and led the way to a reasonable customer satisfaction rate. For this, a big thanks go to “conversational bot.”

If you are looking for a fantastic ecommerce chatbot for your business, then you are in the right place. “BotPenguin” is a platform where you can have a vibrant palette of options to make a right bot that will go with your marketing plans and will help you out in this competitive marketplace.

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