How can I Improve My Spelling Score in PTE?

Are you preparing for the PTE English test? It is a critical factor for you to understand the significance of spelling. You might be a pro while speaking English, but you failed miserably during writing or typing the answers!

If it’s the case, you need a significant improvement on spelling. PTE exam requires you to obtain certain cut-off marks in communicative skills and enabling skills. Failing to obtain a definite spelling score may not qualify for the PTE exam. To perform as per your expectations (and academic requirements, PTE full mock test with answers can help you to some extent too.

To help you acquire the best spelling score, we have summed up some top-notch rules to optimize your spelling score. Let’s look at these tips below.

Tip #1: Learn new words

That’s the most basic tip that you generally get from everyone.

After identifying the tricky words in the English dictionary, spend some time each day writing those words and the meanings. It would be more helpful if you deploy someone to read out the terms at random.

Spelling Score

You may refer to the PTE full mock test with score in order to check what level of vocabulary is needed to pass this test.

Tip #2: Memorize Correct Spellings

Spelling is one of the crucial aspects of writing assessment in the PTE exam. Learning words, their usage and pronunciations won’t be enough for passing this test. So, spelling precisely matters for a better score. However, it’s necessary to attain at least 90 to get a better chance in enabling skill section despite a bad result in spelling.

Tip #3: ie, or ei?

It is the most general mistake that people make during writing. During the PTE exam, you can see your scores in the spelling segment.

So, it must provide you with a leading measure of how you have got along in your spelling and other criteria, such as written disclosure. Always remember that ‘i prior to e besides c when it sounds is ee.’

Tip #4: An expanded explanation of, ie, or ei?

How do these words sound like sleigh, neigh, eight, neighbor, etc.? However, you must consider these things! If it sounds like “ay,” the spelling will be “ei.”

Tip #5: Turn off Auto-Correct for your PC/Laptop/Phone

In the PTE exam, you will be writing your answers on a PC with no auto-correct feature. So, you must stop writing in MS word. When thinking to participate in the PTE exam, start practicing writing notes on Notepad.

This manual method will not show your errors. Later, to check spelling errors and grammatical errors, copy and paste the content into words. You may use Grammarly for better accuracy.

Isn’t it an effective practice to do this quite often to hone your writing abilities?

Also, notice spelling mistakes when you fill the PTE full-length mock test. Give such tests at a certain time interval. With time, your spelling-related errors must reduce.

Tip #6

Keep your eyes open to homophones because such words, which are pronounced similar but have different meanings. Some examples are: blew/blue, ad/add, its/it’s, buy/bye, and be/bee.

Tip #7

Prepare a log of your 100 tricky words. You may follow such old-fashioned style like:

  • Penning down the word
  • Note its meaning and some synonyms
  • Make some sentences consisting that words

Tip #8: Watch prefixes

According to Oxford Dictionary, the prefix is “A letter, word, and number given before another,” and its meaning is relatively uncomplicated. So, you have to be sure to add a prefix to a word. Also, check the spelling, and it should not change the meaning of the sentence.

Concluding words

You might have your previous painful experience of lower spelling marks on your first PTE attempt. So, follow the top 8 tips mentioned above to get an improved spelling score. Moreover, if you have been failing PTE various times, stop retaking it, identify the root cause and fix this permanently.

Sometimes, students find Online PTE Coaching highly effective while they prepare for the PTE exam. If you lack time or your preparation is not going on well, consider taking professionals’ help in studying for your PTE test without hesitating.

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