How can I become an automobile engineer after 12th?

    diploma in automobile engineering after 12th

    Automobile industry is always developing and the technology keeps changing every year. It is an extremely lucrative field for those interested in mechanical engineering course and want to work as automobile engineers in the future. Students can apply for diploma in automobile engineering after 12thand select courses that suit their interests. Here are some of the popular courses available for those interested in automobile engineering.

    Automobile Engineering

    Automobile engineering course is suitable for those who have successfully qualified their class 10 board exams. The course generally consists of lectures on Auto Theory, Drawing, Auto Transmission theory, Workshop Technology, Industrial Engineering, and Motor Vehicle Act to name a few. After successfully completing the course, the students will be able to work as service and maintenance engineers, supervisors, and sales representatives of vehicles.

    diploma in automobile engineering after 12th

    Motor Vehicle Technician

    Similar to automobile engineering, this course also consists of lectures on subjects like Engineering Drawing, Auto Theory, Auto Transmission Theory, Diesel Theory, and Auto Lab Practical. The students who graduate from the course can find jobs as service and maintenance engineers, supervisors, field supervisors, and sale engineers of all vehicles.

    TVS Automobile Technician

    For this course students will learn subjects like Trade Theory & Trade Practical, Basic Workshop Science & Calculation, Basic Engineering Drawing, and Production Specification of TVS Two-Wheelers.

    Automobile Sales & Marketing

    This short-term course will teach students subjects like Inventory Management, Auto-Finance, Product Knowledge, Automobile Marketing, Buying/Selling of Used Cars, and Banking. After this, the students can find jobs as sales executives, assistant sales manager, sale manager, accessories manager, DMS Operator, auto-finance head, and insurance manager.

    Important Skills Required for Automobile Engineering

    • Effective communication skills are very important in order to interact with customers as well as fellow engineers are working in the same company.
    • Technical knowledge and problem-solving skills are especially necessary because most of the work in the job will revolve around solving machinery problems. Therefore, a keen knowledge of how things work and they can be fixed is extremely important.
    • Analytical skills are required because plenty of times you will be faced with complicated issues and you will have to come up with a solution by yourself.
    • Organisational skills is extremely important when working at a factory and when you are responsible for working with a team of engineers.
    • Attention to detail is necessary because when it comes to machinery and automobiles, the tiniest of the details can be very important. When you neglect some tiny detail, it might become problematic and therefore it is important to be attentive.
    • Commercial awareness is important as when you are working in an automobile industry, you have to make sure that you are aware of all the information from your department and field of work in general.
    • Team work is a part of effective working environment and it is necessary to be a good team player so that everyone gets along well and makes work easier. 

    These are some of the very important skills required to work in an automobile industry. There is nothing to be scared of because once you get yourself enrolled in one of these courses, you will learn several of these skills. The above-mentioned courses are popular amongst students who want to work in the automobile industry.

    Not only do these courses offer great practical knowledge, it will also guarantee job opportunities to students right after graduation. If you are interested in studying automobile engineering, George Telegraph Training Institute offers automobile engineering and specialisations on various other courses. One of the best institutes in Kolkata, they guarantee job placements right after successful completion of the course. If you wish to know more about the course then check out their website or send them an email.


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