How are Micro Beaded Hair Extensions applied?

Hey! Lovely ladies, I know you love your hair, and you can go the extra mile to enhance their beauty because your soul is in your stunning hair.

So may I let you know about a fantastic hair extensions technique at Microbead Extensions Beverly Hills?

So let’s talk about the microbead technique of applying hair extensions with beads. Its popularity is growing quite rapidly, and I’m sure you’re going to love it for its remarkable capacity to make your chosen extensions genuinely look to be part of your god-gifted original hair.

Microbead Extensions Beverly Hills

When it comes to micro bead hair extension, there are many benefits of having microbeads placed in your hair, so let me explain to you how they are applied and how you can take better care of them at your home once you’ve got this magical beauty on your head at Extensions Beverly Hills.

Why should you go for micro bead extension?

  • The best thing about micro bead extensions at Beverly Hills is its permanent methods of attaching hair extensions with a beautiful way of being placed into the hair. But make sure you hire an expert who can provide you a magical beauty.
  • The remarkable thing about microbeads is that a small number of hair strands are attached to a small section of your hair instead of 1-inch wefts of hair; that’s why it results in a much more natural and unified look with your natural hair.
  • The Microbead extension technique is a lot more gentle on the hair than tape or braiding in wefts, but let me warn you that you will be in your hairdresser’s chairs for more than 2 hours. But when it comes to a stunning beauty, this is a small price to pay for how natural this type of extension looks.
  • Some other benefits of microbeads extensions are that the beads if installed correctly with your professional hairdresser, will not budge once in; you can wait up to 3 months.

Before you make your mind to install this beauty, like most of our other hair extensions, you will need to select your hair extension length, color, and grams.

The ideal lengths you can choose is either 20 inch, which sits just below the bust, or 26 inches, which will sit at the waist. These extensions sit a bit higher than other extension methods to be inserted higher up the hairline.

How it’s applied?

While applying this magical beauty, your expert will separate your hair into segments; it helps to place beads and extensions in parts between your hair, so they don’t be visible.

The technician will place a few strands in a bead at a time, and then the matching amount of extension will loop in with your hair. The microbeads extensions come in a range of colors, so you can assure that your expert will be able to give you a good match that will beautifully mingle in with your hair and extensions.

Then your expert will tighten your beads into place using special tongs that are quite intelligent to use in a hair salon.

A professional technician at Microbead Extensions Beverly Hills will make sure that your microbead is not tightened to the top of your hair so that your hair can grow undisrupted, and you now have stunning long hair to enjoy.

How to manage your bead extension?

So my lovelies, because now you live with a stunning, mystical crown, you must know how to take care of this beauty.

  • When it comes to managing your extensions, brushing them twice a day very gently with a suitable brush such as a tangle teezer will be pretty sufficient. But, keep in mind that you do this gently not to move your microbeads extension
  •  As you know, hygiene is a must, so wash your hair with a saloon suggested gentle shampoo and conditioner.
  • If you’re a fitness freak, kudos to you, but make sure that you tie your hair; it will save you from excess sweat getting on it before you hit the gym. Wash your hair quickly after getting back home. Just like the gym, before heading into the pool, make sure to brush your locks and tie the hair up; two loose plaits or a bun will do it.
  • When you have micro bead extensions, you may need to have your hair and extensions trimmed earlier to the 3-month re-installation, and it’s normal because your hair is growing too.
  • I know your microbeads are safe and secure, but just like your natural hair would come out with extra pulling or brushing, the same also can happen to your micro bead extensions. Give them gentle care, and they will love you back.


Beautiful hair is like a companion for a woman; when they are at their best, she can fight with the world alone. Microbead extension provides you with staggering beauty; with that, you can fly in the sky like a newborn butterfly.

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