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Planning to move to Fort Garry? The Jennifer Queen Team is here to cover your demands and find the most suitable house that meets your personal requirements. This team is dedicated and professional in this field, so you can rest assured they will support you every step of the way.

Situated in the southwestern part of the City of Winnipeg, Fort Garry is only five kilometers away from Winnipeg downtown. It has a growing environment and the number of people who want to move there is increasing a lot. Here you will notice many innovative and new developments. Due to the fast growing industries, this city of Winnipeg will soon become one of the largest and most popular places.


If you drive in Pembina Highway, you will notice that there is significantly large Chinese population in this neighbourhood. There is also an abundance of Chinese shops, restaurants, as well as many more entertainment areas. In fact, Fort Garry is a multicultural neighbourhood and you can find many other nationalities in the area, besides Chinese.

Fort Garry has everything for a comfortable life. Whether you want to spend time with friend in a coffee shop, go to the club, enjoy fast food, or just go to the groceries and other stores for shopping, they are abundant in this neighbourhood. If you are a fan of Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai fusion cuisines, then simply visit Asia City in Pembina Highway. This restaurant is one of the most visited ones in the area. Another popular place is Popocha Tea House along Pembina Highway that offers amazing fruit teas to customers.

If you want have unforgettable parties then simply visit Area Nightclub. This club is the best place to forget your problems and indulge in music. For sports fans, Tavern United is a great hangout place that has amazing beers and offers an excellent menu of tasty dishes.

If you choose Fort Garry, you can also be sure that recreation sports will be within your reach. The Wildewood Club offers, tennis and badminton courts, skiing, curling rinks, and other activities for you.


The University of Manitoba is situated in Fort Garry. Being the first in western Canada that offers higher education, this university was founded in 1877. Here you can enjoy both graduate and undergraduate studies of different programs. Moreover, this institution makes studying more accessible so that is why they offer online and distance learning, summer programs and many other opportunities to their students.

If you are a secondary and post-secondary student and you are interested in Health Care and Human Services, Information and Business Technology, you can go for Winnipeg Technical College. Here you can also find The Little Years Nursery School that offers you early childhood education in a very cosy environment. To develop their skills, there are also various French programs for young students.

Public Transportation

You can enjoy the services offered by transit buses. Their availability varies based on a location. It?s because there is a specific route for each and every route. You can visit the city service website and know the schedules beforehand. However, today the technology has grown a lot and there are many mobile apps you can download and get the needed information about bus schedules.

Real Estate Trends

Compared to the other neighbourhoods, Fort Garry has a lot of real estate developments. Nowadays, you can see a large number of single detached houses, condos, and apartments being constructed. It was in 2005 when the government of Manitoba allows a suburb construction in the southwest Winnipeg. Modern families can avail various new design houses. Many more housing projects are going to appear in the near future!

Family Life

The above mentioned restaurant, caf?s, and other places where you can spend your leisure time ensure that living in Fort Garry is comfortable and enjoyable. Both families and individuals can enjoy their life when they move to Fort Garry. Besides the abundance of restaurants, there are also amazing parks, wide green yards as well as stylish and innovative real estate areas that inspire families to move to Fort Garry. This is really a wonderful neighborhood for families as it has all the needed amenities for a convenient living!

House Hunting with The Jennifer Queen Team

Once you deal with The Jennifer Queen Team, you can have access to a lot of listings of houses for sale. This Fort Garry real estate agency can deliver a lot of reliable information about Fort Garry. You can be sure to get many details like descriptions of every property, its maps, photos and other things. Having a wealth of information on Fort Garry as well as much experience in the field of home buying procedures, this Fort Garry real estate agency will never leave you dissatisfied.

It has never been so convenient, hassle-free, and simple to find and buy a house for sale in Fort Garry. Whether you want condos, townhomes, or another type of property, you can count on The Jennifer Queen Team and you will never miss out the chance of buying the most suitable property. You can enjoy various prices and just focus on the very property that fits your budget.

With many real estate deals and quite useful recommendations, Fort Garry real estate agency has made house hunting easy and stress free. It?s high time to save your precious time and effort, so never hesitate to let the realtors help you pick the best property you are looking for. Your home buying experience can be perfect if you get the professional assistance from the realtors working in The Jennifer Queen Team.

If you deal with this team, the relators will update you with the newest emails that also contain all the pictures and addresses of ALL MLS properties. Of course, these listings will be filtered and then sent to you according to your home buying requirements. Long gone are the days when you had to spend many hours calling one agent after agent and then find out that your favourite property has already been sold. With Fort Garry real estate agency, you will be able to view properties before many more buyers even hear of them. So hurry up to discuss your demands with these realtors!

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