Host IT Smart Review: How Reasonable Hosting Provider is for Beginners?

host it smart review

In an era of the 21st century, technology has made an important part in each & everyone?s life. We want everything in just a few clicks on the device.

That?s why online business also makes a necessary part of everyone?s life.

We just want to check the products on our devices & get it ordered online. Not only products but if we have any queries then we just get into the search engine & want our solutions from that within just a few seconds.

That?s why in this century, Doing online business is not a bad idea at all. If you are interested in blogging then also you can create a website & provide useful information on it for your audience.

But whenever anyone thinks about the website, the first thing that everyone has a query is regarding the budget for the website. You need to think about the budget seriously as what amount to want to spend on creating a website, web hosting provider, advertisements for the website, etc.

By considering the budget properly, you can move ahead with your website. This situation comes when you check for the web hosting provider for your website. A service that gives your website a space to run your website on the internet.

The confusion occurs in this selection because a variety of providers are in the market. In that variety of options, pricing creates a vast confusion among the website owners. It is a fact that in this industry, you will find a huge difference in each & every provider in terms of pricing.

It is really important that you consider the provider that is reasonable in pricing which matches the criteria of your budget. Along with reasonable pricing, reliability is also an important tool that should be present in a web hosting provider.

Why Reliability?

Reliability in features & services by the provider not only makes your work simple but also profitable in the long term for you as well as for your website.

It is a fact that you are operating a machine at the end of the day. Now let?s imagine you encounter any technical error on your website. At that moment you begin to check that problem & try it by yourself but there is no result in the end.

After that, you contact your web hosting provider & they are not picking up a call. At that moment, the actual reliability of the hosting provider is tested. You can?t afford that your website remains in any problem & you don?t get a solution for that.

We will provide you a complete solution to this. We will not only suggest a reasonable web hosting provider but also reliable as well.

With cost-effective hosting & also amazing features for your website,

Host IT Smart is the best & Cheap web hosting provider for your website. This provider makes a one-stop-place for the best cost along with the reliability.

Host IT Smart was launched in 2012, A rapidly growing hosting company in the web hosting industry that also provides exceptional web hosting services with 24/7 live support and unlimited features.

How Reasonable is Host IT Smart in terms of pricing

host it smart review

Host IT Smart has considered the pricing as an important factor for each & every one. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will consider budget for sure.

This provider satisfies everyone?s budget as they have a wide range of pricing in each & every plan that you can easily select it for your website

Shared Hosting Plans

Shared HostingStarterPerformanceBusiness
Linux Hosting Rs 80/moRs 160/moRs 320/mo
Windows HostingRs 100/moRs 300/moRs 400/mo
WordPress Hosting Rs 80/moRs 160/moRs 320/mo
Java Hosting Rs 80/moRs 160/moRs 320/mo
E-Commerce Hosting Rs 80/moRs 160/moRs 320/mo

This pricing mentioned above is after deducting 50% OFF & applicable when you sign up for 36 months plan.

Now guess what, there is more in it

If you sign up for 36 months plan, you are also applicable for an extra 30% discount provided by Host IT Smart. Now along with a 50% discount that you will also get an owner of another 30% discount.

For this, you have to apply coupon code when you purchase the plan


This is not the end as there is also something for the purchasers who are thinking to sign up for 1 or 2 years. For them, Host IT Smart provides an extra 20% discount on the plans. To avail that extra discount, you have to apply a code.


If you still don?t think about sign up for such a long period at the beginning with

Host IT Smart, you can sign up for the monthly plans as well with the provider.

They provide monthly plans only at Rs 150. You can sign up with this plan in the beginning & try their services. If you get satisfied then you can move ahead with for long term plans.

List Of Features That Make This Provider A Reliable One

This is a list of features that you will avail from Host IT Smart

  • Access of Unlimited webspace
  • Access to Unlimited Traffic
  • Access to Unlimited Email-IDs
  • Free SSL Certificate for the security of a website
  • Preinstalled cPanel with rich features
  • Free Malware Scanning for keeping malicious activities away
  • Offers 1-click installations of Apps like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress & many more
  • Offers 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee (Only on Shared Hosting plans)
  • 24*7*365 Techincal assistance from a team
  • Support available through Telephone, Chat & Email by submitting tickets
  • Offers 99.99% Of uptime Guarantee

How to Begin with Host IT Smart

Thinking to begin with Host IT Smart?

Just follow simple steps to sign up with a plan for your website with just few clicks & give a space to your website.

Step:1- Visit the website to sign up for plans. After getting into the website go through the plans you want to select for your website.

Select the server location according to the needs of a website that is not far from your targeted audience location.

Step:2- After going through the plans, select the best plans for your website & click the ?Buy Now? button to continue ahead for signing up.

Step:3- After clicking, the billing page will appear & from that you can select the term of duration to purchase. After selecting the duration, you will enter the page for your personal information. Enter Name, Email addresses, Address, etc & give complete information about yourself.

Step:4- This is the last step for purchasing. Enter your payment details from which payment can be done. Host IT Smart accepts Debit cards, Credit cards, Paypal, Netbanking for payment.

Final Point

If you are looking for an affordable web hosting provider for your website then we will highly recommend this hosting provider. This provider not only satisfies the pricing according to your budget but also stands up to the mark of features & services that really needs you in every situation.

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