Ultimate Honeymoon Destinations for 2023


Your honeymoon is probably one of the holidays you will definitely remember, as it is the holiday that follows the coronation of your love. That’s why you should be wise when choosing your honeymoon destination. One thing is for sure – all aspects of your honeymoon trip should be top-notch, including the destination, the service and everything else. Keep reading to learn more about the ultimate honeymoon destinations for 2023 – it will be tough choosing a destination, as all of these are superb and bound to offer an impeccable honeymoon experience.

As most newlywed couples prefer exotic honeymoon destinations, our ultimate honeymoon destination list includes only such places. The top honeymoon destination for 2023 includes the Maldives, Bali, Bora Bora, Grenada in the Caribbean and Mauritius. We will give you more information on each of these destinations so you can make a choice that works for you. However, you won’t make a mistake whatever destination you go for – it will only be a personal preference. Get ready to have your mind blown with these ultimate exotic destinations!

1.  The Maldives

The first on the list of ultimate honeymoon destinations for 2023 (and for the past years as well) is definitely the Maldives. The Maldives has been the top honeymoon (and not only honeymoon, but generally) destination for years now, and for good reasons. Let’s see what precisely the Maldives offer that makes it so spectacular. The Maldives offer a real tropical holiday experience. There are luxurious villas on water, with hammocks over water, where you can sunbathe and enjoy the turquoise water, the clear sky and the light breeze while a waiter brings you cold cocktails by boat. Imagine that!

The Maldives resorts are famous for the extravagant and overly romantic experiences they offer honeymooners. You can enjoy candlelit dinners under the stars on sandy banks and luxurious suits on water that can be accessed only by boat. The Maldives have multiple islands and resorts, so you have to choose.

2. Bali

Next on the list, with a status similar to the Maldives, is Bali. Bali is famous as the land of pirates, mysticism and mystery. It consists of many islands that are adorned with luscious mountains. It is said that Bali holds some of the most beautiful places in the world. If you decide to spend a romantic honeymoon in Bali, you can be sure that you will be able to find heavenly and luxurious villas in Bali. Hotels in Bali often feature infinity pools that overlook the emerald waters around them, making them truly stunning and unique. Even though there are many high-end hotels, Bali manages to remain a magical and spiritual place while at the same time retaining its authenticity and culture. Sandy beaches and tropical scenery characterise it.

3. Bora Bora

Right after Bali, we have Bora Bora as the next top honeymoon destination for 2023. Bora Bora is located in Frech Polynesia, and people know it for its impressive volcanic views. This tropical resort is also abundant in luxurious villas over water, adding to its textbook perfect honeymoon destination image. It is a perfect choice for newlyweds looking to bask in their freshly vowed love. There are various ways to enjoy a honeymoon on Bora Bora, including private island picnics, intimate snorkelling excursions and luxurious spa packages. You can also enjoy scuba diving as a turquoise lagoon is protected by a coral reef, making it a prime spot for scuba diving.

4. Grenada, Caribbean

Grenada is known as the Spice Isle of the Caribbean. It is a tiny island with a manageable number of tourists. The island is characterised by a vast diversity of serene beaches and murmuring waterfalls hidden in the jungle. There is just one city, St. George, with a fort that dates all the way back to the 18th century. You can enjoy a beautiful view over St. George’s Bay. Couples like sailing around the island and exploring its stunning beaches and fishing villages.

5. Mauritius

Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean and offers many things to do there. Besides the white sandy beaches, there are plenty of national parks, mountains, tropical forests and marine parks. It is famous for the plethora of watersports you can enjoy there. So, Mauritius is a superb destination to choose for your honeymoon.

These are just some of the many amazing honeymoon destinations for 2023. You can find out about more great destinations online.

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