Amongst Top Home UPS System Manufacturers in India

In spite of being one of the leading countries in terms of energy consumption and technology, India remains a constant witness to power cuts. This brings us to the usage of UPS systems at homes, which, although they cannot prevent power cuts, can provide your electrical devices with emergency backup power for some time, allowing you to properly shut down the device. Thus, the UPS systems are popular products that are commonly used in Indian households.

What are UPS Systems composed of??

An Uninterrupted Power Supply System or UPS is designed to provide the connected electrical appliance with a continuous electrical input, especially during a power cut. It is most popularly used for desktop computers, which come without any battery backup, and can immediately shut down during a power failure. To prevent the desktop computer from shutting down abruptly, the UPS provides it with emergency power for a small period of time, allowing the user to save any unsaved work and safely shut down the pc. 

Some of the basic components of the UPS are:


The power supply flowing through the electricity lines is in alternating current. The function of the rectifier is to convert or rectify the alternating current into direct current, which is suitable for household use. 


The batteries play a vital role in UPS models by storing the direct current for later use. 


In case of an interruption in the main supply of current, the inverter takes over. It converts the current stored in the battery pack from direct current to alternating current before supplying it to the connected device. 

Static Bypass Switch

Models of UPS for home are generally reliable and are known for their efficient working. However, if there is a fault in the UPS, the static bypass switch serves as a backup. It supplies the load directly to the main supply.?

What are the different types of UPS Systems? 

A UPS system may vary in size and in operation depending on the appliances that are being powered. The different kinds are named by the manner of the conduction of power through them. 

Double conversion

Sometimes the alternating current may be of a higher voltage which can be quite damaging for an appliance. But when passed through a rectifier, it can be made suitable for regular appliances. This principle is applied in a double-conversion UPS, which ensures that the input current to connected electrical appliances is safe and within the threshold of the appliance.


In order to avoid any unwanted damage during voltage fluctuations, using a line-interactive UPS is connected with the main supply, which often serves as a protective measure. The output current that flows into the appliances is balanced and safe even when the electrical input is erratic. 

Offline UPS

The offline UPS is quite efficient during voltage fluctuations but may run slow during power outages.

UPS Systems from Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric offers some of the best UPS for homes in India that are available in a wide range of specifications and prices. If you are looking forward to purchasing a UPS for your home, you can take your pick from the following models:

Luminous Pro 1000VA UPS -PRO UPS

The sleek black Luminous Pro 1000VA UPS is not just known for its attractive design but also for its immense potential. In addition to its electrical protection features, this home UPS model also comes with an expansive battery storage capacity and shorter response time.

APC Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator

If you are looking for a home UPS at an affordable range, the APC Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator will surprise you with its budget-friendly price and amazing features. You can rely on this model to protect your appliances from any kind of damage during voltage fluctuations. It aptly corrects the current and protects the connected device.

Protects your electrical devices

In addition to a wide range of high-performance home UPS systems, the Schneider Electric store is a one-stop destination for all your electrical needs and solutions. It offers a carefully curated selection of all major electrical components and appliances, as well as customisable products that can be assembled as per the user?s convenience. Furthermore, the online Schneider Electric store has made it possible for users to purchase electrical components from the comfort of their homes and get the products delivered to their doorstep. Get the best electrical protection today with UPS for home use from Schneider Electric.

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