5 Home Renovations to Save You Money on Your Bills

window replacement

It seems that the cost of everything goes up each year, including the cost of owning a home. Insurance, maintenance, and energy expenses just keep working their way higher, putting a pinch on your bank account. It’s no surprise that most savvy homeowners keep a watchful eye out for ways to save money on those bills, and certain home renovations are great for making homes both more affordable and more beautiful.

Updated Roof

Most of the time, the roof of a home is out of sight and out of mind until shingles start to break off or a leak develops. Experts who do commercial roofing in Brooklyn can tell you that you don’t wait until there’s a problem to repair your roof. Besides the damage that can result from an outdated roof, there are also some hidden costs.

window replacement

Because summer’s heat and winter’s cold winds impact the roof more than any other part of the home, those environmental factors can sap a lot of energy from your home. When your roof is ready for replacement, get a reputable contractor and let the job pay for itself in energy savings.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Another big area of leakage is windows and doors. If your home has old, outdated windows, they can radiate a huge amount of energy. This leads to overtime for your furnace and air conditioning, with the results visible on your gas or electric bill. Even windows that aren’t noticeably drafty will leak lots of your climate-controlled air, making window replacement a great investment. New windows are dramatically more efficient. They are insulated at every step, with extra panes that are built into well-insulated frames.

A New Heating & Cooling System

Your home systems are not really the flashy parts of a home renovation, but the savings they provide can help pay the bills on the things that do make your home look great. An old HVAC setup is inefficient in several ways. First, the old technology was never as efficient in the first place.

Second, an aging system does not perform as efficiently as a new system. Finally, your old system may struggle to create an even temperature throughout the house, which can lead to extra system use. By upgrading your HVAC to a new unit, you’ll eliminate all these problems and get energy bills that will look much better each month.

Better Home Appliances

This is an area that provides upgrades in both looks and performance. Old refrigerators, ranges, and dishwashers are just like old HVAC systems in that they might get the job done, but they use much more energy to do it. At the same time, they also look outdated and need an upgrade for looks.

By purchasing and installing energy-efficient new appliances, you’ll get better energy performance along with the beautiful look you want your home to get with a renovation. New designs like door-in-a-door configurations on refrigerators also cut back on the waste involved in the daily use of appliances.

Faucets, Shower Heads, and Commodes

Water fixtures are a big source of expense in the home. The more water they use, the higher your bill. An easy solution is to renovate with new models. Today’s plumbing fixtures provide the same performance while using less water. This not only cuts back on the water bill itself but also helps with energy costs for your water heater by running less hot water to do the same work that the old faucets used to do the same work. New fixtures are a must for a better look, too.

Home renovations are great for improving the appearance of your home, but these renovations will also lower your monthly bills, too.

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