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    taskrabbit clone app

    To get our household tasks done can be so time-consuming that some of us postpone it for months. Wish taking care of your household chores would have been easy. Well, we heard those complaints and woes of the people and that is where the TaskRabbit clone app steps in.

    Developed with a similar interface and navigation and features to that of the original TaskRabbit app. TaskRabbit clone app helps people in managing their day-to-day chores like picking up laundry, delivering medicines, running errands like getting laptop, car keys, etc, shop groceries for you, handles your house-hold repairing and maintenance work like plumbing, electrical, painting, etc.

    The TaskRabbit clone app reduces the hassles of the people by providing an on-demand wide range of house-based services at affordable prices.

    What is TaskRabbit Clone App?

    The clone is an on demand app that connects the seekers and taskers.

    It is where people are looking for varied kinds of ondemand household jobs and day to day routines like assembling the kitchen, relocating to the new place, cleaning the office space, grocery shopping, etc. And on the same platform, there is a list of service providers offering a wide range of services at cost-effective rates.

    It saves a lot of time for working professionals and full-time mothers who are unable to attend to such chores because of their busy schedules. The app handles it all in few clicks from their smartphone.

    Main features of the TaskRabbit Clone App:

    • Wide range of home based services with sub-categories
    • Detailed descriptions of a service provider with experience, ratings, pricing, and service offerings
    • Browse and place a service order
    • Booking history
    • In app multiple payment options
    • Help section
    • Push notifications
    • Ratings and review
    • In-app chat facility
    • Invoice generation

    How Does TaskRabbit Clone Works?

    • The signup process is easy ? the service providers and customers can register using social media log in, contact number, or email id.
    • For the users, they have to post their service requirements on the app along with a few relevant details and pricing
    • The service providers/freelancers will accept the task if they are offering the matching service and find the pricing suitable.
    • The confirmation is sent to the user about the work. The user is shown the list of the best bids posted from the service providers/freelancers along with their work history details and ratings. This helps them choose the best.
    • Once the task is done, the user has to pay the said amount from the multiple payment options.
    • The admin will charge the commission as a fee from both or how you wish to have the revenue model to be like e.g. charging from the customers or asking a percentage from the service providers.

    Primary services listed on TaskRabbit Clone:

    • Babysitting
    • Dog walking
    • Delivery services
    • Running errands
    • Home repairs services
    • General cleaning
    • Massage/ beauty services
    • Car washing services
    • Moving
    • Parcel delivery
    • Technicians
    • Others

    Benefits of Creating TaskRabbit Clone App For Your Business

    Highly successful app

    TaskRabbit original app is already a successful business model, prospered and flourished widely. Developing an app like TaskRabbit means you are cloning a successful app hence rest assured about the success. Because the interface, navigation, app platform, and features will be similar making it easy for the service providers and users to use the app conveniently.

    Especially in a time like COVID where social distancing is mandatory, people want everything hassle-free, easy and quick and the TaskRabbit clone app exactly does making an instant hit amongst the customers.

    Allows you to grow and expand your business

    The day you think of developing an app like TaskRabbit, it lets you earn by leveraging a small fee as a subscription from your customers as well as charging a percentage from your freelancers/service providers. This way more users download and use, and more service provider lists on your app are going to be an immediate hit, letting you earn profits from the day it is launched.

    Offers you multiple streams of income

    By listing a wide range of services you can enjoy multiple streams of income. The app allows you to change the pricing, modify the services as per people?s demand thus, allowing you to increase your income and not have a dependency on one. Further as an admin you can encourage affiliate marketing, as well as promoting your service provider by charging them is a good way to generate profits.

    FAQs About Development Cost to Make an App like TaskRabbit

    1. How to develop TaskRabbit Clone App?

    Hiring a white-label mobile app company to develop TaskRabbit clone app is the best way to launch. The team of developers knows the app requirements hence they will provide you with a ready-made scalable solution that can be customized and is capable to handle the future growing app requirements.

    2. Determining the cost of the TaskRabbit Clone App?

    Few significant considerations determine the development of the app like TaskRabbit that include:

    • App platform and technology
    • Design/interface of the app
    • App features
    • Additional features

    3. How does the TaskRabbit clone app help earn profits?

    The clone app generates your profit by allowing you to charge a small subscription fee from the users, as well as charges a percentage from the service providers, you can charge a specific amount fee from the service provider to list them on the top (giving priority), affiliate marketing, etc.

    Wrapping Up

    When looking for a mobile app development company, ask for a live demo to understand the TaskRabbit clone functioning. Know the features and ask the team if the features can be customized or not. Make sure that you are purchasing a white-label licensed source code script. A professional mobile app company will provide you with 365-day free bug support, multi-language and multi-currency support, have a strict privacy policy, takes care of the installation to the App store, etc.


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