5 Reasons for choosing furniture removalists for stress free moves

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Moving can get really tiring and cumbersome if you do not plan ahead and make the required accommodations. If you are moving to another locality or a manageable distance, you can at least think of moving some of the smaller items yourself although I do not recommend it. However, large and heavy items such as couches, beds, chairs, etc as well as electronics such as washing machines and refrigerators require professional assistance. There are various removalists in Australia that provide this service. Cities such as Canberra, Sydney, Goldcoast, and Perth receive high demands for removalists across the year. Although the reasons are quite apparent, I feel like there is a need to dive deeper into why furniture removalists are a must in large cities in Australia. Some of the reasons why hiring a furniture removalist in Sydney is the right choice are:

  • Safe handling
  • Appropriate equipments and mode of transport
  • Clears up time for other important work
  • Cost effective
  • Industry know-hows

Safe handling

Since the removalist company has a full staff of trained professionals, they know how to handle different kinds of items. Naturally, items made of glass and those made of wood would be handled differently. Even in furniture, the handling techniques differ from furniture type to furniture type. The removalist company packs the furniture in appropriate packaging material such as bubble wrap and thermocol cases. These removalists know that items such as paints, aerosol cans, flammable items, etc are not packed in close quarters. They also do not place fuels next to wooden furniture and cushions and bolsters made of various kinds of fabrics.

Appropriate equipments and mode of transport

Removalists also carry the required equipment that lubricates the operations and decreases the time significantly. When it comes specifically to furniture shifting, removalists have all the appropriate things such as furniture dollies, pads, sliders, ropes, dismantling tools, and hand trucks. This makes the process pretty fast since carrying heavy furniture efficiently is not easy without the proper equipment. Not only this, interstate moving as well as local moving jobs require heavy vehicles capable of handling heavy weights.

Time saving

When you are moving from one place to another, there is so much to do. You need to sort out your financials, make the appropriate transfers, complete the government requirements, etc. Also, the mental strain of moving can take its toll. Sydney, for example, has more than 5,312,163 residents and the demand for interstate as well as intercity moving is always on the rise. Being a political and administrative center, people moving in and out are professionals and do not have the time to manage the complexities of moving. Professional removalists share the burden with you and let you handle other important tasks that are inevitable when you are moving. CBD Movers, for example, offers its services in Sydney, and its outskirts keeping in mind the professional background of the customers.

Cost effective

It may seem like an added expense in the beginning but stay with me on this one. Here is a point-by-point analysis of why opting for a removalist can in fact be cheaper than moving everything on your own:

When you decide to move everything on your own, you lack the cushion of experience. You do not have the technical knowledge of packing and moving. This may result in loss of items or some fragile stuff breaking. Furniture may get nicked and their corners may chip off. These losses are also expenses that are not visible at first glance.

Removalists have the efficiency of packing everything in a manner that saves space. What might take you two trips to and from the destination, the removalist might only need one, hence saving time as well as money.

The time you spend on moving can be invested in other things. Although not a direct loss of money, it can count as a collateral.

Knowledge and experience

Over the years working in the same industry, removalists know the ins and outs of the entire field. They know where they can help the customer cut costs. They know how to handle different kinds of items and what practices can result in loss of any kind. Using this knowledge bank accumulated over the years, the quality of service is impeccable. Always go for a company that has worked in the field for more than 10 years. It is easy to vouch for companies such as CBD Movers because of the experience they carry. With such experience and knowledge backing you up, you can say goodbye to stress and move your furniture without any hassles and hindrances.


Why take stress and tension when there is a workaround? It is only natural that going out of your comfort zone can be unsettling. It requires some time to go back into the same grind as you were before moving. So don?t worry about your items getting mishandled or receiving wear and tear in transit. Let the experts do their job while you sit back and relax. Within a few days, all your items including your furniture will reach their assigned destination. One of the benefits of living in posh cities such as Sydney is the quality of service available across different verticals. Make use of this advantage and focus your mind on more important realms that demand your undivided attention.

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