How to Hire VueJS Developers to Augment Your Web Project

Hire VueJS Developers

Vuejs is an open-source JavaScript framework developed by Evan You, a former Google employee seven years ago. It is dynamic and gives the developer flexibility while working on the web project. 

It is much lighter and simpler in comparison to other JavaScript frameworks, thus making it one of the most popular choices among developers. A programmer who knows CSS, HTML and the fundamental of JavaScript can easily understand and work with Vuejs. You can utilize the benefits of this dynamic framework if you hire Vuejs developers who are knowledgeable and experienced. 

An adept Vuejs developer would be able to build interactive and dynamic sites with different features like sliders, animation and pop-ups. They use a template compiler for fast and improved rendering of static content. Using Vue 3.0, they can make attractive and stable frameworks adaptable to different browsers, desktop and mobile devices. Their daily tasks include testing, searching and fixing bugs to optimize the codes for building robust applications.

Skills to Look for When Hiring a Vuejs Expert

Depending upon the seniority level, there are different sets of skills you must consider when you hire Vuejs developers, Keeping years of experience in mind while hiring is necessary as it will define their job roles relevant to their knowledge, experience and skills. 

  • Junior- Since they are just beginning their career, they should have a basic understanding of frontend development like knowing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and at least one other relevant framework along with the JS library. Since they are fresh out of college, they would work under someone to learn and understand things better. If they have their own project, it is an added benefit as it will give you an insight into their practical knowledge. 
  • Middle- A Vuejs programmer with approximately three years of experience is considered someone with middle-level seniority. They should have in-depth knowledge of JavaScript and use other frameworks and libraries to build multi-page websites or online applications both independently and collaboratively. They would be working closely with both junior and senior professionals, so having good interpersonal skills will be helpful. 
  • Senior- These are professionals with an experience of five or more years. They are well-versed in other programming languages along with JavaScript. They should have a good understanding of both frontend and backend frameworks. It is important for senior developers to be familiar with Vuejs tools and frameworks so that they can build good quality and error-free complex codebases faster. 

Regardless of their seniority level, a professional developer should have the knowledge of Vuejs library, tools and relevant frameworks. They should have good communication and teamwork skills besides these technical skills. It enhances the productivity of the team as a whole and helps them build the project faster. 

From Where to Hire Professional Developers

With the ease of networking and the rise in the popularity of Vuejs, organizations are looking for experts from across the globe to hire the ones with matching skill sets per their requirements. There are now three ways to employ the experts, they can either hire freelancers, outsource, or go for an in-house hiring process. 

  • In-house Hiring

This is the most transparent yet most complex option of the three, if you are looking for a dedicated employee who is invested and will work exclusively for your company (because of cultural or project-confidentiality-related reasons), this is your best bet. 

Since they would be better familiar with the organization’s work culture than outsiders, it would make communication easier. There won’t be an issue with time zones or scheduling as everyone will work in the same company during the same working hours. 

But, in-house hiring can be costly for the company, as it includes HR and infrastructure costs. Also, you might not find the developer with the expertise you seek. Sometimes, people also leave or are fired if they do not match the required skillsets, these things can cost a lot thus, sometimes, can also exceed the stipulated budget. 

  • Freelancer 

If you are looking for a Vuejs developer who can work on smaller projects at a low cost, then hiring a freelancer is a good option to consider. Freelancers are individual developers who can be hired via hiring agents or through hiring platforms and websites. They do not work with a particular company and are contracted, thus lowering the hiring cost. 

Like in-house hiring, this also has its pros and cons, while it is an affordable and relatively easier method, it also comes with its set of challenges.

Since they are individual developers, they are not as reliable, they can stop communicating, do not care about the deadlines, or may leave in between the project. There is a lack of responsibility which might affect their coding quality. You will also need another expert to test and design your applications; it would be difficult to coordinate with and link all of them together. 

While freelancing is a good and economical option, it also comes with many risks, so it is suitable for small projects rather than long-term ones. 

  • Outsourcing 

You can outsource expert developers if you want to hire a team of Vuejs experts but do not have enough budget for in-house hiring. 

This is a simpler onboarding process than in-house, all you have to do is find the right company and have their experts handle your projects. This gives you a global talent pool, thus widening the scope of finding the developer with the exact skills you seek. 

These developers are adept at taking up a diverse range of projects and have extensive experience with Vuejs thus ensuring that you get quality end product. Outsourcing means you will be working with remote developers, so you won’t have to invest in any special equipment thus saving the infrastructure costs. 

When outsourcing, you let a third party handle your project and this might mean you lose some of the control for they will handle it according to their timeline and working methodologies. If you hire experts from an agency, it can be the case that the experts are working on different projects simultaneously, thus might cause delays. 

Depending upon the budget and requirements and keeping in mind the pros and cons of every option, you can choose either of the above-mentioned options to hire Vuejs developers of your choice. 

What to Look for When Hiring Vuejs Developers

Hire Vuejs developers with solid technical skills to build a robust web application. Familiarity with HTML, CSS and cross-site layout technologies and writing JavaScript for easy optimization using Vuejs. Ensure the developer you hire thoroughly knows Vuejs libraries like Axios, Vuex, Vue Router, etc. 

Among the soft skills, you must hire someone who can communicate clearly to minimize the communication gap and facilitate the development process.  A good Vuejs developer would know how to work professionally as a team and use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to manage tough situations without compromising on time and budget. 

To Sum It Up

With so many options and versatility, it can be a daunting task to hire Vuejs developers. But with clarity in your requirements, it can be simplified. We hope that these tips help you choose the right path while onboarding your ideal Vuejs expert. 

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