Questions to Ask a Cleaning Service Before You Hire Them

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The world of cleaning is dotted with abundant of options. Amidst so many options, it gets intimidating to find the best and most suitable cleaning company for your space. whether home or office; you need to be prudent about the service you avail. You cannot simply take cleaning assistance of novice cleaners and put your place in risk.

In this post you would come across important questions to ask a cleaning service before you hire them. Once you have these questions in mind, you would certainly make a good move and satisfactory experience.

Can you fulfil my particular requirements?

You have to begin by making out a list of cleaning tasks you would like to performed. Instead of unclearly requesting a clean house, pen your must-haves, followed by your wishes. Maybe you might love to concentrate on professional window cleaning, carpet cleaning, or a deep clean of the within your oven. It is important that you communicate all your wants effectively, and be sure to make a mention of any troublesome spots that might demand extra effort.

Are you insured and bonded?

It is important that you protect yourself and your property by hiring someone who is insured and bonded. Be sure the cleaning service is in a position to put their money where their mouth is and generate the documentation to prove that they are covered. This one act does a lot more than simply protect your property in case it?s damaged. It even releases you from liability. You don?t wish to be responsible in case a cleaner slips and falls in your dining area or kitchen.?

Ask them about their experience and staying control

Ask how long have been in this industry. You want to be ensured this company will be here for the long haul and you are not at all signing on with a pop-up company that will go away just after a few weeks or months.  You need to search out the type of vetting process they possess for their employees. For instance, do they actually conduct any sorts of background checks?

Then you also have to ask them about the level of experience the company you are interviewing has with your kind of house and others. Also ensure that you ask for references to support it up. See how many clients they have and the number of employees work for them. This blend of questions will ensure they don?t accrue a work load that might affect your schedule. For instance, in case they have two cleaners supporting a client base of thirty, there is every possibility that they might fall through quickly. 

policies and procedures

ask about what kind of cleaning products the cleaners make use of and why they picked them. If a green clean is significant to you, it is the right time to make a mention of it.  you would never appreciate someone visiting in with watered down Lysol and making use of the same cloth in the bathroom and your kitchen. 


So, these are the questions that you must ask the cleaning service before you finalise them. Their answers to these questions would determine their effectivity. 

Author Bio – Lavender is a professional blogger having 5 years of experience. Currently, he is working with Lavender House Care which is a renowned Cleaning Company in Dubai providing cleaning service at affordable price. Lavender is passionate to share the tips and other information related to cleaning.

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